Hi Yes Ken Dir
How are things?I hope that your football training is going well.What is the news in South Korea?
I have done much since I last saw you.I have been watching some films to develop my English and I have learned to play on the violin.It’s so amazing! Two weeks ago I set myself the goal: develop my English and work hard on it,how as you see result isn’t bad and day to day English becomes interesting for me.
Have you got any plans for summer?I want to go South Korea after academic year.For this I have some reasons.First one is I want to travel somewhere abroad in the summer.And I decided that the best choice is South Korea.Second of them I want to practice my English.And the last reason is a lot of time passed after our last meeting.
I think you can find free time because we both have have summer holidays. And I think it would be fun to show I in your country.
Let me know,then