January 1, 2021

Virtual Event Ideas That Will Engage Your Audience

Hosting a virtual event is a challenge for even the most experienced, seasoned veteran event planners, but it has become the new normal because of the global virtual pandemic. That makes it a critical skill to master first. There are a multitude of ways to plan and host a virtual event online today. There are new platforms that were created just for this purpose. And if you plan on using them, then you need to have some basic knowledge of how to host a virtual event. Here are 37 virtual event ideas just to inspire your next virtual event.

Virtual tastings are one of the hottest virtual events to plan and host. They allow your guests to taste the goods before attending the event. Tasting sessions can also help your guests learn about different wines, cheeses, appetizers, and even desserts! Virtual tastings are an easy way to introduce your guests to the delicious world of wines and cheeses.

Another of the best virtual event ideas is to host an online "ask" party. An Ask Party allows your guests to ask questions about anything they are interested in or uncertain about. Whether they want more information about live events in your area or want to find out about local attractions, or get information about another great live event that's happening in your area, and ask can fill an entire evening with fun! You can easily set up your ask session online, or use a pre-planned service like Live Questions to host your own online ask session.

If wine tastings aren't your style, and aren't sure how to schedule a virtual event, consider using virtual event ideas like photo contests. Conducting a photo contest with your guests can not only increase the number of people who attend your next event, but can also be a great networking opportunity. Think of the fun you can have asked your friends to pose for a photo in front of a beautiful wine or at the base of a great cliff! If these virtual events sound like too much work for you, there are many other photo contests and photo opportunities available online.

If you're looking for Pandemic themed virtual event ideas, then you've come to the right place! No matter what time of year it is, you can host a Pandemic flash game. Whether it's a game of Truth or Dare, or trivia competitions or scavenger hunts, you can find an endless variety of ways to engage your audience in a fun and excitement. With a little bit of research, you can find online services that offer everything you need to run this type of event right from your home. Some services even offer pre-made flash games that will engage attendees in an entirely new way and help you meet your overall event goals.

Regardless of what type of virtual event you're looking for, there are plenty of ways to use video and audio products to create an exciting atmosphere that keeps participants engaged and entertained. No matter what your audience is looking for, there are plenty of unique virtual events out there to help you reach your audience. With a little bit of research, you can find exactly what it is you're looking for to spice up your next business event or charity event and make it one more memorable experience everyone will talk about for years to come.