Health & Wellness
November 27, 2020

How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Health During Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic and second lockdown this year are really physically and mentally exhausting. Most people live in constant fear of being infected by the virus and that seriously influences their overall wellbeing. However, we can’t drastically change things now. This is our new normal and we have to adapt to it.

Some of the most important aspects of our adaptation to this kind of life are physical and mental health that is seriously damaged due to constant stress and anxiety. We need to take care of our wellbeing and prevent serious illnesses caused by fear, stress and tension. Therefore, we need to learn how to protect our mental and physical health during the lockdown.

1. Focus on yourself

Since you’re spending most time of the day inside, you have time to focus on yourself. Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to? Now it’s the right moment to start that new hobby or book you’ve been putting off for ages.

Besides focusing on your personal growth, don't neglect your emotions. It's natural to feel anxious or even depressed if you're deprived of the life you used to know. Acknowledge those kinds of emotions, but don't stick to them. Try to find various distractions such as playing video games, reading books and magazines or solving different puzzles with your household. This is an ideal time to put yourself and your needs first. Get that deserved rest and recharge your batteries for the upcoming battles.

2. Find new ways of connection

People are social beings. We strive to connect with other individuals to feel whole. Many people crave daily contact with other human beings to keep their sanity. You're probably aware that roughly, there are two kinds of people: those who crave personal contact, and those who don't. That's why this lockdown has been awfully tough on our fellow extroverts.

How can you help? Whether you're extroverted or have extroverted friends, make sure you find different ways of connecting with people. Since the Internet exists, there are numerous ways in which you can contact another individual or group of people and stay in touch. Use video calls or hop on the bandwagon of social media trends. That's how you'll feel closer to others while being on a safe distance.

3. Take care of your diet

Numerous things can affect your physical and mental health; diet is just one of them. Even though this seems basic and trivial, a lot of people neglected their bodies and diet during the lockdown. We could only guess what are the reasons behind that behaviour. However, to feel good, mentally and physically, you should eat well.

Make sure you don’t order takeout every night. Make an effort to cook dinner for your family. They will surely appreciate it. Try out various new recipes you have never tried before and experiment with different tastes. It could be fun for the entire family. Of the dinner fails, don't worry, you can always order pizza.

4. Try adapting your routine

Since the dangerous virus is ravening outside, it's recommended to stay inside your houses and minimise any physical contact with people outside your household. That is a bit unusual, especially if you used to go out every night or grab lunch with friends every Wednesday. However, to stay happy and healthy, we need to adapt our routines to this kind of life.

Instead of grabbing public transportation to work, try cycling or walking. It's much safer. The other alternative would be to work from home if that's possible. Since kids aren't going to school, make sure they follow their online classes. In addition to that, make sure you head to the market or store to buy groceries before they close down.

5. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep isn’t only essential during the lockdown. However, since most people are under too much stress now, sleep is vital to regenerate our body, improve our mental health and help us stay up and about. So, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

If you're unable to fall asleep due to the stress and anxiety, try reading a book before bed. Make sure you stay away from electronic devices 2 hours before you tuck yourself in. That will help your racing mind calm down and fall asleep easier. Sleep is also crucial for our mental health. Many sleep-deprived people are more prone to feel depressed, anxious or even suicidal which can lead to more complications that can endanger your life. So, turn off your lights on time, ad sail into the land of dreams.

6. Do some exercises

It’s commonly known that during the pandemic, most gyms are closed down. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your body and stop exercising completely. Fitness or yoga exercises are crucial for your physical and mental health. How?

At-home fitness exercises help your body stay active even if you’re not in the gym. Sitting for 8 or more hours during the day can have serious consequences for your physical health, especially spine and back. That’s why it’s important to shake the stress off and do some exercises. Besides that, tiring your body may help you with your sleep issues. Who doesn’t feel awesome after the full-body workout routine?

7. Relax

After the tiring day filled with stress, anxiety and different emotions, maybe it's time to take a step back and relax. Relaxing helps your mind unwind and your body takes the much-needed rest. If only you could go out for a massage that will completely loosen up your entire body and mind. Even though you can't leave your house to go to the professional massage therapist, you can get just as good, if not even better, replacement at your home. How?

Invest in a good-quality massage chair. For example, some professionals like Relax For Life offer a wide range of different massage chairs that will help your posture, relax your entire body and elevate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. A relaxing 15-minute massage per day can also help you sleep and concentrate better. It will increase your energy and warm you up if you’re feeling cold. It’s a fantastic investment for your body and mind.

8. Meditate

All the stress and tension caused by lockdowns and fear cause a lot of negative and unconstructive emotions that block our energy from doing the things we love. If we’re constantly occupied by thoughts about the virus, lockdown or other problems, chances are we won’t have time nor energy to devote to the things we love. What should you do instead?

Meditation can be great practice and stress-relief for all of your troubling thoughts. There are various ways in which you can meditate. To learn how to meditate you don't need previous experience or a strong mind. It's a process that will take time but will help you minimise the anxiety and increase the energy for the following day.


Being in lockdown doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. You can devote some time to personal growth and come out of it as a stronger and better person. Take time to care for your mental and physical health. They are vital parts of your overall wellbeing. Instead of worrying, just sit back and relax; enjoy the new time you have for yourself and your family.