Best Tricks to Make Your Home Appear Spacious

The problem with modern homes is that they are rather cramped when it comes to the size of individual rooms. Homeowners often resort to costly extensions that require walls to be torn down and temporarily turn a family home into a building site. Luckily, there are more affordable and less “invasive” methods of making your home appear larger than it really is.

Merry colors

Altering the interior color scheme is the best way to add spaciousness to our home. We all learned at school that light colors open up a space, while darker shades make it smaller. This occurs due to the reflection of light, as black, for instance, doesn’t repel light at all. The darkest color known to man, Vantablack, absorbs 99.96% of light, for example. White, on the other side of the chromatic scale, is a color that opens up the space the most. Moreover, you can also use grey, cream, and yellow to achieve the same effect. All of these shades reflect light and make the room brighter and larger from the human perspective. When redoing the entire apartment or house, we recommend painting the ceiling in a darker tone of the color you plan to use on the walls. This will add contrast to the space and further enhance the spaciousness effect.

The mirror effect

As you have seen from the example of colors, the reflection of light is key to making a room appear spacious. You probably have a mirror or two in the house but you should consider hanging mote mirrors. In terms of size, the larger the mirror, the better.If possible, you could install a mirror wall, like the one they have at gyms. Keep in mind that the only room that you should place a mirror in is the bedroom. It will reflect light straight at your face in the morning, cutting short your sleep. The bedroom mirror should be relocated to the hallways outside, where it will be more useful in terms of décor.

The significance of decluttering

It might seem like an obvious thing to recommend but decluttering is really a powerful tool in adding spaciousness to your living space. The more acute the problem with clutter is, the more crammed the home is. It is as if the walls have started to close in on a room littered with clutter.

The look you are trying to achieve is airy and seamless, without any obstacles, such as newspapers or children’s toys lying all over the floor. However, getting rid of clutter during a cleaning spree is only half the battler; the other half is finding the right place for each and every item. This is the only way to ensure clutter doesn’t come back after a couple of weeks.

Connecting rooms

Speaking of establishing a seamless space, you should try to connect as many adjoining rooms as possible. Privacy is a real issue here but if you install French doors you will get both privacy and natural lighting. In fact, stuffy and dimly lit rooms in 17th century France were the reason behind their invention.

Similar spatial connectivity should exist between the outdoors and the indoors. French doors can open onto a porch, balcony, or veranda. Furthermore, sunrooms are a great way to extend your home into the garden and fuse together the interior with the exterior.

Smarter storage solutions

The best weapon in combating clutter is a smartly-designed storage space. Take a good look at your home and you’ll realize that there are tons of nooks and crannies that are sitting unused. For instance, does the space above the kitchen cabinets have a purpose except as serving as an oversized dust collector?

Extending the cabinets all the way to the ceiling in the kitchen and the bathroom will give you plenty of extra space for bulky items. Also, the sides of cupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets are ideal for pegs (and even pegboards) that can hold towels or clothes. Finally, you can add a newspaper rack under the living room kitchen table.

Uncovering the windows

We’ve discussed the importance of light but where does all the light come from? Why, from windows of course! We are stating the obvious because many homeowners overlook this fact and carelessly cover the windows with awnings or heavy draperies.

Due to privacy reasons, it is perfectly fine to cover the windows with curtains but they need to let in enough light to make interior décor magic possible. Just like the walls, the color of the windows covering should be as light as possible, ideally white.

Also, if there is a room inside your house that doesn’t feature a single window, such as the basement or the bathroom consider installing at least a small hatch or a skylight. Windows are important not only because of natural light but access to fresh air as well. 

Scaling down furniture

One way to read Gulliver’s Travels is to think of the main protagonist as normal-sized, while the world around him suddenly shrunk. Poetically, you should look to replicate the same effect in your home by scaling down the furniture.

Of course, you won’t go to the extremes described in Jonathan Swift’s satire but rather avoid introducing large furniture pieces. You can even decrease the number of fixtures in every room, keeping only the bare necessities. As the furniture “shrinks” in size, the room will “grow” proportionally.

Becoming a foot traffic warden

Having mentioned furniture and its size, if you keep bumping into the fudge or the nightstand, then you’ll be painfully aware that your home is cramped. To combat this issue and protect your extremities, we recommend mapping out the area inside the house with the most foot traffic. These areas are mostly going to be hallways and corridors, so they should be kept clear. 

We have listed only the 8 most common tricks people use to make their homes appear spacious. There is no shame in living in a cramped apartment or a house but you should, nevertheless, make the effort to add some spaciousness. From playing with the color palette of the walls to connecting the outdoors with the outdoors, a home can always be enlarged, even it were an optical illusion.