10+ Smart Ways to Improve Workplace Hygiene

As someone who runs a business, the cleanliness of your premises is probably the least of your worries. Although most business owners don't have enough time to think about cleaning or arranging these activities, it's vital to dedicate more time to solve this potential issue. Any potential problem in your company is your concern, and you and your managers should work together to find the best solution. We're in the middle of the global pandemic, and clean premises are more important than ever. If you want to improve the level of hygiene in your workplace, it's advisable to make changes as soon as possible. Your employees will feel better, and the issues of cleaning and sanitation won't ever rise again. 

Use hand sanitizers

There should always be available hand sanitizer in every bathroom. Soap and hot water will be able to rinse the dirt, but some people tend to use hand sanitizers after they wash their hands. The antibacterial substance will kill the viruses and bacteria, and the hands of your employees will always be clean. However, it should be available in other areas because running to the bathroom every time you want to disinfect your hands is inconvenient. If you have a lot of clients coming in and out of your premises, they should be able to clean their hands as well. It's vital to do everything that's in your power to protect your clients and team members from the coronavirus. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer in front of your main entrance and the waiting room. That will make them available to all the employees and clients in your building. 

Create a schedule

If your employees tend to forget to clean the premises, it's vital to create a cleaning schedule. There's usually one person who does all the cleaning, but taking care of the office is a shared responsibility. A cleaning schedule will engage other individuals, and your premises will look a lot better if people take the time to clean them every day. Hygiene in the workplace is vital, and you should remind your people why they need to put more effort and maintain a clean working environment. Print the schedule and let everybody know about the new rules in your office. If you don't have the time to deal with this issue, your management team should be able to create a list of effective cleaning rituals. Keep in mind that creating a schedule is more than keeping your premises clean. It impacts productivity in the workplace and motivates individuals to be a part of a strong collective. 

Ensure the bathrooms are clean

Bathrooms are areas where your employees should be able to clean and freshen themselves. However, they're often so dirty that the level of cleanliness after you visit the bathroom is more than arguable. It's vital not to neglect other areas in your office, but your employees should put more thought into cleaning one of the dirtiest rooms in your building. Everybody is using the bathroom, which is why people should clean it at least once a day. Hire a cleaner if you don't want to distract your employees from work, but keep in mind that they should also learn how to maintain a clean and healthy working environment. Everybody should be able to take ten minutes a day when it's their turn to clean the premises. If you have a large office and people can't do all the work by themselves, set priorities, and clean some areas every day. Organize group cleaning twice a month, and no one would be overwhelmed with extra work. If your office is big, consider investing in cleaning service.

Clean the windows

If your clients can see the big dirty windows every time they enter your office, it will leave a bad first impression. A dirty environment also demotivates employees, and believe it or not if people have to look at the dirty glass, their productivity will slowly decrease. Light is vital for all people who work in the office, which is another reason why your windows should always be clean. There are two ways to handle this issue. If your office is on the ground level, your employees should be able to clean them without the help of professionals. However, if you're on the first floor or above, it would be better to invest in a quality service. It's dangerous to allow people to perform this type of work if you're not on the ground floor. 

Set up a garbage disposal system

Nothing is more unprofessional than leaving the clutter around the office. Understandably, your team members are sometimes too busy to declutter the space, but if the situation is not changing after a couple of days, you need to bring up this issue on your next meeting. Clutter can be dangerous, regardless of your working environment. It can cause minor accidents, but it can also hurt people very bad. Your goal should be to avoid potential risks and work toward creating a cleaner working environment. Highlight the importance of being neat and tidy, and set new standards that will motivate the employees to declutter the area faster. They should be able to dispose of garbage properly. Your workplace should have a garbage disposal system in place. Call the professional cleaners to empty the bins and get rid of the smell if there's any. 

Make sure the air is clean

During the summer days, the AC is on at least for a couple of hours every day. The air filters tend to get dirty over time, which is why you need to contact professionals and have them replaced. Change the air filters at least a few times a year, depending on the size of your working area. If you don't use the air conditioner in your premises, ensure the windows are often open, so that the fresh air can enter the building. A good heating system will enable you to continue with this practice during the winter as well. Your employees won't be freezing if they leave the windows open for a couple of minutes, and they will breathe an abundance of fresh air throughout the whole day. 

Educate and inform your employees

Most people are familiar with the safety measures against COVID-19, but do all of them know the importance of maintaining a clean working environment? Some employees are not aware of the importance of establishing effective cleaning habits, mostly due to their poor hygiene. There are numerous reasons why your management team should talk about personal hygiene. Some employees would be able to learn and apply new techniques when they get back home, and they might learn how to clean certain areas more effectively. The global pandemic is making us wash our hands numerous times a day, and some may finally learn the importance of killing the germs and viruses that can stay on our fingers. Hopefully, you will be able to maintain the same level of hygiene after the pandemic is over. Create presentations that will remind them what happens if we don't take good care of our health or don't care about being clean and protecting ourselves against diseases that may cause a lot of trouble in the future. 

Allow sick days

We all know that sometimes it's necessary to push harder to meet the deadlines and finish the work on time. Most business owners tend to motivate their employees to stay longer in the office, and some may even forbid the sick days. Rest is crucial for your employees, and everyone should have the right to take time to recover, especially if they have been sick for the past couple of days. We're still battling the global pandemic, and the last thing you need right now is sick people in the office. If your employees are sick, that doesn't mean that they have coronavirus. However, they're allowed to rest, and you should let them go home if they're not feeling well. Besides, the health and well-being of your employees should be one of your top priorities. Embrace the magic of the remote work until your workers are ready, or give them all a chance to work from home. Your premises will be clean, and you and your team members will be a lot safer. 

Set some boundaries

It's unprofessional to sit in your chair and munch on various snacks during your shift. This rule applies to both you and your employees, and if anyone of you still likes to revel with each other and share snacks, it's time to set some boundaries. There's no reason for food to be on your desk, nor the desks of your employees. If you don't have a kitchen, you should invest in one because that's a place where your employees should be able to gather and take a rest. Crumbles and toppings can create a lot of mess, and someone will always have to invest more time to take care of the office. The same goes for smoking. If your employees are allowed to smoke during their shift, there should be a room where they can light a cigarette. They shouldn't light a cigarette in the kitchen or near other people who probably don't fancy the smoke, but it would be great if they can get outside the office or stand on the terrace. 

Provide protective clothing

Another way to improve hygiene and safety in the workplace is to motivate your employees to wear protective gear and take good care of their uniforms. If they have to work with hazardous substances, they should take the suit right after they finish with their work, and wash it as soon as possible. Don't push your employees to wear protective clothing if there's no need for that and ensure there's always enough pairs in case people lose their uniforms or if something happens to them. Some people tend to work with oily chemicals and substances, which makes their work uniform greasy and dirty for the whole day. Advise these people to bring an extra pair of shoes and wipe the excess oil, so that they don't smear the oils around the premises. 

Make sure the floors are clean

Cleaning the workplace during the rainy days seems almost impossible. Most people will smear the mud and dirt the moment they enter the premises, and the layers will add up until the grime becomes easily noticeable. Regardless of the type of your flooring, you should do your best to keep the area clean even during the rainy days. Strong and durable outdoor mats will enable your clients and team members to clean the shoes before they enter the building. It's advisable to place them in front of the main entrance and in from of each office so that people can use them. On most of these mats, you can print your logo or a message, and you can use that as your advantage to remind people to clean their shoes before they enter the office. 

New technologies can save the day

Hygiene should be of great importance, and as a business owner, you should invest in modern solutions that will help you maintain a clean working environment. Touchless faucets and soap dispenser will enable people to clean themselves without touching different bathroom elements and surfaces. They will still have to clean the bathroom, but the area will be less dirty because it will be harder to spread germs and bacteria. Warn your managers to tell people to wash handles and well, and provide adequate cleaning supplies. If you use alcohol to protect yourself and your employees from the coronavirus, you should get alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60 per cent of alcohol. 


Maintain good hygiene in your premises, and your clients and customers will feel a lot safer. Some people are still afraid of the virus, and they tend to visit only the places they think are clean. Make them feel safe and provide a clean and safe environment for all the people in your workplace. Always be open to suggestions, and don't forget that it's okay to call someone on the side and tell them that they need to make some changes that can affect and improve workplace hygiene.