Stinky sweaty feet remedies

How To Fix The Problem Of Stinky Sweaty Feet - The Short Guide

Are you the person whose foot odor can kill? Many people have smelly sweaty feet. What makes things worse is that you may not even be aware that your feet are stinking as no one has ever felt good enough to point it out to you. It is, after all, a touching subject. But if you are lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it), you may already be aware of the problem. This is probably why you have come here for help in solving this little hygiene problem. The good news is that there are many different effective ways to correct so that your feet can start to smell much better. But first, it is important to go into some of the underlying causes of our feet tending to smell bad.

Explore some of the causes of smelly feet

The most likely culprit behind the feet that stinks is simply poor hygiene habits. If you do not shower often or cut your toenails regularly or change socks every day, then your feet will smell like any other body part if you did not clean it properly. However, to go into a little more detail; One of the main reasons why our feet often smell so bad is because of how much our feet tend to sweat compared to many of our other body parts. A foot has many sweat glands. While it is true that much of the sweat that comes from the glands in our feet is mostly almost odorless, it can still contribute to a bad odor when it all ends up in our socks and shoes. Another big reason is the fact that we wear shoes. When our poor feet are stuck inside our shoes for a whole day, it is no wonder that they start to smell. The lack of air makes it much harder for our Schweißfüße socks to dry. And as you may have heard, hot and humid places are the perfect home for bacteria.

So how do you get rid of the bad smell that comes from your feet?

The most obvious is of course to practice good hygiene. Cut your toenails often, shower every day, and change socks regularly. Most problems with the mouth air could probably be solved by doing the three things above. While most people shower every day, many of them are sloppy when they do. They may not scrub their feet to get rid of the dead skin, or they may not clean their feet using any kind of bodywash or shower gel. Of course, as you may have heard, it is also very important to dry your feet thoroughly after each wash. Wearing fresh and clean socks on every new day is an absolutely important thing that you should do too. Many people wear the same pair of socks for several days in a row, needless to say; a recipe for disaster. The material that socks are made of is also a contributing factor. E.g; Polyester and nylon both provide very little ventilation for your feet as opposed to materials like cotton that allow your feet to breathe a little more.

A good way to combat bad odor is baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate as it is also called). It is quite common to use baking soda for smelly armpits, so there is no reason why one should not also try applying it on their feet. Using baking soda is very effective as it makes it harder for the bacteria to thrive and multiply on their own. The easiest way to use baking soda is to simply put it in your socks as well as inside your shoes. Other types of powders that you can use are baby powder or talcum powder as they both have a similar effect compared to baking soda.