Sweating feet cure

Sweating feet can be found if you want it bad enough! But why do our feet sweat? Our feet sweat because we wear shoes, the sweat can not evaporate from your foot as effectively as it would from other parts of the body. This sweat becomes smelly really fast because the bacteria spread in the sweat and produce fatty acids that cause the odor. This hot moisture can also cause the fungus to grow, called athlete's foot.

Ways to cure your sweaty feet

- Get rid of all your nylon socks as these do not allow your feet to breathe. Wool socks are better, those that are 60-70%, the rest should be a man-made material. Pure cotton socks are also not good because they hold in a lot of moisture and get really wet.

- Make sure that your socks are not too tight and that you change them every day.

- Wash sock at high temperature.

- Choose shoes that are not lined with plastic.

- Buy insoles if you need to and wash them every day to keep your shoes fresh.

- If you can not wear the same shoes two days in a row.

- Make sure you do not have any dead skin on your feet, because if you do, it will become soft and moist with sweat, providing an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

- Soak your feet daily with a few drops of tea-tree oil in the water and make sure to dry your feet thoroughly afterwards.

- You can also buy a deodorant for your feet. However, do not use if you think you may have an infection.

If none of the above measures work for your Schweißfüße, you may want to consider talking to your doctor or podiatrist who will suggest alternative treatment for your problem.

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