10 Great Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The phrase modern kitchen cabinets usually invoke the following features in our mind, sparse, minimalistic, open, functional, sleek, and clean. While it is true that the above-mentioned characteristics are usually associated with modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets, these cabinets can also come with a whole lot of different features which you may not have known about.

Buying modern kitchen cabinets is not the ultimate solution to setting up a contemporary and functional kitchen. You will need to work on other elements as well to bring in some aesthetic in the design, make it colorful, and welcoming, and cozy.

This is where we can help you. Here, we will be discussing ten ways you can create a unique and contemporary kitchen using modern kitchen cabinets.

10 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas with Modern Kitchen Cabinets

1. Simple and Sparse:

A white marble countertop and pristine modern kitchen cabinets are all you need to design a simple and sparse all-white kitchen space. If you want to add some dimension to the kitchen, place a plant in a clear glass pot and some wooden stools and cutlery in the kitchen.

2. Two-Toned Kitchen:

Kitchens decorated with a dual color scheme can be very attractive. You can use various combinations for this purpose. For example, pairing charcoal gray cabinets with a wide countertop and backsplash is a fine specimen of a modern two-toned kitchen. If you prefer vibrant colors then you can blend in white, orange, and light teal to create a contemporary kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Orange and white modern kitchen cabinets, paired with dark granite countertops, and a white backsplash is quite visually attractive. Top it off with an eclectic chandelier for lighting.

3. Wood and Black:

While black kitchen cabinets are an epitome of classiness, they might make small kitchens look yet smaller. However, there is a solution to this problem, which will allow lovers of the color black to retain the shade in their kitchen without making the place look too dark or congested. All you need to do is pair up the black modern kitchen cabinets with some warm hues. Wooden stools, cutlery, and honey-colored countertops are a great way to bring in some balance.

4. Kitchen Blues:

The various shades of blue are a perfect fit for any modern kitchen. The color is not only bright but also soothing to the eyes. Dark or light blue kitchen cabinets, paired with steel accents and appliances, along with a black and white patterned countertop, is a marvelous style statement in itself. In case you own a kitchen island, opt for a water-fall edged countertop for optimum aesthetic appeal.

5. Not So Gray:

Contrary to popular belief, gray is not at all a dull color if used properly in the home interiors. mid century modern kitchen cabinets create a simple and minimalistic looking kitchen that is visually appealing and easy to maintain. For example, you can pair modern gray kitchen cabinets with a geometrically shaped backsplash, and white countertops, if you happen to prefer a minimalistic appearance.

6. Industrial Yet Elegant:

Do not get turned off by the word industrial, as an industrial themed design can look very beautiful and elegant if implemented wisely. A slate gray countertop, honey-colored modern kitchen cabinets, and some fresh flowers are just enough to make the space tasteful yet functional. You can also install a steel backsplash to handle the oil splatters like a pro.

7. Spunky Backsplash:

Plain dark cabinets, paired with a monochrome countertop, and a marble backsplash can make for a dramatic and modern kitchen. Choose a marble slab with prominent vein patterns on the surface to bring the space to life. Keep the other elements of the kitchen understated so as to highlight the patterns of the marble backsplash. You can also choose herringbone tiles and 3D tiles to give character to the space.

8. Modern and Rustic:

If you think that modern and rustic kitchen designs cannot be mixed successfully, then think again. A raw wood kitchen island, gray shaker cabinets, and steel appliances are some of the things that would be required to create a rustic yet contemporary kitchen. You can also bring in some open white shelves, wooden cutlery and utensils, fresh plants, and some eclectic pendant lights for a better visual effect.

9. Kitchen with Metallic Accents:

A touch of metal in an otherwise bright, all-white kitchen is a classic style statement. A copper vent hood added to a kitchen consisting of white modern kitchen cabinets, a white countertop, and a pristine backsplash will set this cooking space apart from others of its kind. You can also add metallic accents to two-toned kitchen spaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Installing golden knobs, handles, and cabinet accents to black kitchen cabinets will also enhance the overall visual appeal of the kitchen.

10. Cozy and Warm:

Wood flooring combined with modern kitchen cabinets built from dark wood, is a kitchen that is modern as well as cozy and warm. Opt for dark hued countertops and forgo hardware to maintain the inviting feel of the kitchen and make the space look functional and streamlined.

In Conclusion:

The kitchen has always been and always will be the heart of the home, which is why all homeowners want their kitchen to look the best. From a monochrome design to a vibrant  mixture of various hues, you can now create gorgeous kitchens with a set of modern kitchen cabinets brought together with other elements.