October 6, 2020

Why have custom protective masks

Faced with the global situation that we are living with COVID-19, we must take care of each other. This inevitably leads us to brands and businesses having to adapt to it. The safety and protection measures are clear: mandatory use of masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves. Complying with all these measures is possible, but you can even go one step further: create personalized protective masks. Let's see its general advantages.

Advantages of creating custom protective masks
Knowing that the use of masks is mandatory within a premises to take care of the health of both employees and customers, creative solutions can be sought. One of them would be to have both protective masks and N95 items with the local brand.

Safety first
Stamping the company logo on a protective mask is a unique idea to give uniformity and to demonstrate how important safety is. Before anything, the fundamental thing is that employees feel comfortable in their job.

If we provide them with the elements to do so, such as personalized protective masks, their gel or a sanitizing kit, then they will feel our care.

We must think that this is something that will last a long time in our lives, so that thanks to the customization of protective masks we have the possibility of generating a brand in our business and advertising while respecting safety regulations.

Promotional gift for customers
If before we thought of giving our clients something like a pen or similar, now we have to change our mind. Giving personalized protective masks will be a more than useful gift for everyone.

We will make our customers avoid contagions when they are inside the store, but also, that it is useful for their day to day.

If a client uses your personalized protective mask abroad, it will also help you to brand and advertise indirectly. Those who see it will know that it is a business that cares about the safety and health of its employees and its customers.

As you well know, there are different types of protective masks. So it is up to you to decide which of all of them you want to implement or if you want a personalized sanitizing kit.