October 7, 2020

Emergency survival kit and what you need to know

When was the last time you saw the news and thought about the emergency team?

Now if you hope to power or heat something, you should have a way to make a fire or buy solar energy as a solution. I only recommend that you get portable solar power and then also a complete solar solution if your budget can afford it. It will be able to heat your food and water, charge your devices, and provide a good amount of lighting. Some people believe that mobile phones may not work, but until proven, prevention is better than cure. Having solar survival gear won't hurt and will only help you, especially when you need portable Wellness Gear.

Let's talk about food, having canned soups and other things like this will help you keep your food stored and last longer.

You can also store whey protein, ramen noodles, pasta, nuts, and peanut butter.

Now also pack a small bag for your survival, you may have to leave at any time and that food will come in handy on the way.

Now, the shelter is essential to survive because that is where he will spend most of his time. You may have to make your own shelter to protect yourself from the elements, having a survival blanket and a painter's tarp will help protect you from the cold and keep you dry. If you are in the woods, having a bed of pinecones will protect you from the cold ground, and placing leaves is good insulation. Think of everything you can to make a bed and get comfortable because your sleep is worth it and you will have more energy the next day.

Now we will cover protection, having protection of both people and animals is smart. You must have a large and small knife. Hopefully you won't need to use it on anyone, but if you're being physically attacked you may need to, especially if it looks like they're not going to kill you. Hope you don't have to use it on anyone. But if you are being physically attacked, you may need to. And if you have to cook raw meat, you will need to skin an animal and cook it. You don't want to skin the fur, it just won't look good. Make sure your knife is the size of a pocket and then one that is medium, one that you need to have a sheath for or keep in your purse. Having two large and small knives will only be valuable to you if you have to use them. You may have to just cut a line to do something that can save you time and teeth.

Now you realize that survival kit is not something you can take for granted and you should do something to help your survival bag just in case. Being prepared is much better than running around like crazy and trying to figure things out.