October 6, 2020

How to choose your mask

Due to the increase in mask models on the market, we are saturated with the different mask options that we have to choose from. But what is the best mask?

Well the answer is not easy, since it depends on the use that we are going to give it. We already explained the different options and regulations in a previous post . Every day we find a lot of misinformation so we will differentiate between:

Reusable or disposable masks:First, we must choose between washable and disposable cloth masks. It is clear that in a sanitary environment the use of single-use masks seems more appropriate due to the difficulty of ensuring proper cleaning. In the rest, both for private use and for work use, when making a little reflection on the environmental impact of using single-use masks for the majority of the population, it is clear that it is a more responsible and sustainable decision, to opt for reusable washable masks. Apart from the ecological criteria, the economic savings of choosing a washable reusable mask is decisive. Although its cost is higher than that of a one-use mask, when divided by the number of times we can use it, the cost per use is substantially lower. So choose a reusable washable mask and the environment and your pocket will thank you.

Masks for private or work use l. If the use that you are going to give your mask is for prevention, on the street or in closed public spaces where you do not come into contact with those infected with coronavirus and you do not have symptoms, a hygienic mask will suffice. Now there are many options for washable hygienic masks.

Hygienic or surgical masks : if you have to choose between one or the other, you have to know that you will be more protected and protect others better with a surgical mask with a filter with a laboratory certificate. Demand it. It is not enough that they announce it, since many malicious people are taking advantage of the situation of need and selling products without properly testing or certifying.
Masks with filters or without filters: the protection will be much greater if the filters are present. But we must bear in mind that the masks with interchangeable filters usually have a layer of cloth inside that, when speaking or breathing, gets inside the mouth, making them very uncomfortable. Your best option is to choose a reusable mask with a built-in filter and washable. By having the inner filter, it gives body to the outer tissue, achieving a cave that facilitates breathing and does not overwhelm so much with contact with the cloth face mask near me.

Breathable and anti-allergic masks: there are many skin problems that are appearing due to the intensive use of masks. The skin cannot perspire properly, so the pores fill up and pimples, hives or allergies appear. If this is your problem, choose masks with the inner layer made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, or breathable and anti-allergic masks . There are novel fabrics, with great filtration capacity and that ensure breathability and the reduction of dermatological problems. In addition, these masks are more suitable for hot climates or in summer times.