October 6, 2020

Face Masks to be fashionable this summer

In Fissure, you will find a great collection of masks to show on the street and get a compliment from everyone who sees you. You can buy original masks such as those with a wild flower pattern, the one with vanilla shavings, the one with embroidered flowers or the one with black leopard, which are some of the most outstanding.

We are all tired of the situation that we have had to live in and surely the phrases that we have placed in our masks with messages have come out of your mouth . The design of Puto Virus, Fucking Virus or that of Putain de Virus, are ideal to take out all the anger that we carry inside and curse the disease that has kept the world in its face mask clothing.

For the little ones in the house, we have created very original children's masks with designs such as the Galaxy, Pizza & Cream or Rainbows & Stars, so that the experience of using them is as fun as possible for children.

These are just some of the masks, both for adults and children, that you can find in our collection. Masks are more molan Fissure !

Beautiful, comfortable, elegant and, above all, safe masks
To create our masks , we have taken into account all possible factors. We have looked for them to be beautiful, comfortable to wear, elegant to be able to combine them in any situation and, most importantly, safe.

We have followed all the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) to choose the best materials and fabrics. The active ingredient used in our masks is BKC (Benzalkonium Chloride).

To ensure optimal protection for both yourself and those around you, these masks have three layers .

Outer Layer : has a repellent finish that makes it very difficult for the virus to penetrate
Middle Layer : to maintain the reinforced canopy that ensures the shape of the mask and allows us to breathe better , it is composed of a spacing.
Inner Layer : as in the first, it has a repellent finish to which an antibacterial treatment has been added that prevents the virus from staying in it and proliferating.
The material used for its manufacture is 100% polyester. Being made of fabric, it can be washed and therefore reusable. This makes them a great option compared to disposable ones that are not durable at all and due to the difference in price, it is not worth spending one every time you go out of the house.

The recommendation for fabric masks is to wash them when we have been with them for 4-5 hours of continuous use . When we go to wash it, avoid using bleach because it is not at all necessary or advisable. To finish this section, you should know that reusable fabric masks withstand up to 50 washes at 60 degrees without losing their characteristics or properties .

How to combine a mask with my clothes?
Knowing that masks are going to be part of our daily lives until a vaccine against the virus is found, the time has come to answer a great question: How will we be able to combine them with my daily clothes?

Of course, if we opt for disposable masks, we have it very complicated because that color between blue and green does not combine with many clothes that we say, and you can do the test with what you have in your closet.

However, when we opt for fabric masks, things change a lot because you can add patterns and create designs that are easy to combine and match with the clothes that we should wear at any time.

A good option may be to opt for the black color in our mask . Black combines with everything and is a basic color that almost everyone has in the closet for its ease of being combined.

If the idea does not convince you, you have many other colors that you can play with such as pink, blue or gray.

But, if your wardrobe is full of color and life for its clothes, you can also risk more and choose much more vivid patterns, which give light to your complete outfit and be able to be fashionable.