October 6, 2020

Practical knowledge: things to keep in mind when wearing a protective mask

In this age of coronavirus, fitness is more important than ever. And is that when you have an infection, obesity and high blood pressure seem to aggravate the evolution of the disease. So put on your sneakers and hit the streets! There is no problem in wearing a surgical mask if you know everything you need to know. For example, what to do when the mask gets soaked or how it should be placed when we play sports. By the way, we recommend that you use the Trotec disposable surgical mask: it fits well and offers good value for mask safety.

Obviously, it only makes sense to use a surgical mask if you are going to practice sports in places where other people are present (e.g., in the only green area in the area, in a municipal park or if you go out to running through a downtown area). And do not forget that, although it is important to use a protective mask and make good use of it, according to the available studies it is even more important to maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of 2 meters. Why so much? Because when we perform intense exercise (eg, when we run), a greater distribution of infectious particles takes place.

Why should the surgical mask be replaced when it is soaked?
When the mask is soaked, it is advisable to replace it with another. Otherwise, we will be putting our own health at risk, but also that of other people. Since running intensively the mask soaks up considerably faster than when leisurely shopping, it is advisable to bring a spare mask if you are going to run for a long time.

Can it be dangerous to wear a surgical mask while doing sports?
A rumor that has been repeatedly disproved is that respiratory masks are dangerous because there is a build-up of carbon dioxide under them. However, the truth is that the material of surgical masks is not thick enough to retain the carbon dioxide that we expel when we breathe. So don't worry and keep running with your surgical mask!

Does the surgical mask reduce athletic performance?
At first it may seem so, because a surgical mask, of course, represents resistance to the respiratory tract. However, there are training programs that work precisely with this type of resistance, since respiratory distress helps to train the auxiliary respiratory muscles. After some time training with a surgical mask, we could be even more fit than before. In any case, it is a good idea to take our pulse from time to time to check it.

What should we keep in mind when we do sports with a surgical mask?
The most important thing is to put on the mask correctly, especially to practice sports. If we don't, the air we breathe out will go outside or we'll have to spend all the time repositioning our mask. For this reason, quality masks, such as those offered by Trotec, have flexible but adherent rubber bands, as well as a bridge for the nose at the top edge. These two elements guarantee a good fixation of the mask.

How is a surgical mask removed or cleaned ?
After using the Trotec disposable mask, we can simply throw it away in the normal household waste. On the other hand, if we use a homemade hygienic mask, after each use we must wash it in the washing machine at 90 ° C or sterilize it in a water bath (5 minutes). By the way, this indication for hygienic use also applies to scarves whose use is still allowed and with which many citizens cover their faces to go by bus / train and to do the shopping.

Are homemade hygienic masks really effective?
So far there are very few scientific studies on the effectiveness of homemade hygienic masks. For example, Montgomery (President of the Council of the World Medical Association) is very skeptical of this resource and in an interview with the public radio station Deutschlandfunk explained that “a normal scarf or kerchief does not prevent the spread of viruses, since when we have a coughing attack, they easily break through the fabric.

Trotec surgical masks convince with their quality, price and performance!
Its adjustable shape to the anatomy as well as the edges of the soft felt mask guarantee maximum comfort. The flexible rubber bands and individually adjustable nose bridge minimize the feeling of pressure during use so that the masks are not uncomfortable, even if we have been wearing them for a while.