October 6, 2020

Gas oven versus electric oven

Eventually there will come a time when you will have to replace your heating system. Once the time comes when you need to replace the old system, you must make the decision to choose a gas or electric oven. Both provide homeowners with several benefits that we will discuss later here.

Benefits of an electric oven

The purchase price of the electric oven will be cheaper than that of a gas oven. What you need to consider, however, is that while your initial investment will be significantly less, it will cost you more in operating expenses over the life of the electric oven.

The electric oven will last significantly longer than a gas oven, which means you won't have to replace the system again for possibly twenty to thirty years. When you call in a contractor to install your new system, electric ovens can be installed much faster and easier. The electric oven works extremely furnace price and is much more durable than other types of ovens.

These types of ovens are easy to maintain, owners can easily identify problems without the need to contact an HVAC repair professional. There is no emission of carbon monoxide with the electric oven, a much safer alternative for homeowners concerned about the quality of the air that the family has to breathe.

Benefits of a gas oven

The purchase price and installation costs may be higher with a gas oven, but operating expenses over the life of the unit are significantly lower. Natural gas has been a cheaper alternative to electricity for many years. The reduction in monthly utility bills can be quite attractive to homeowners.

The gas oven will heat your home much faster due to the higher temperatures achieved during the heating process. When the house heats up faster, it requires the unit to run less and requires less energy costs over the life of the system. When the oven runs less, it is less likely to need frequent repairs.

The price of natural gas continues to fall in many states compared to electricity. Homeowner with a gas oven will enjoy lower monthly utility bills month after month. Gas oven life varies. Most energy efficient gas furnaces will last ten to twenty years.

Hiring an HVAC Professional

A well-maintained oven provides a very safe environment for your family. Hiring an HVAC professional to perform annual maintenance can help extend the life of the system and require fewer repairs during that time. While each type of system provides benefits for the homeowner, consider which ones will be most advantageous to you over the life of your new system before making that decision.