October 9, 2020

Half full half empty glass syndrome!

Some people always start with a 'no' to something that has been said or addressed; of course, many of them do not really mean 'no', it is something to say. For others, a 'no' no always means to all matters under the sun, even if the most accurate piece of news or development is reported to them for the first time. This is the germ of negativity, which eventually takes full control of the unhappy human mind if it is not marked. Such negative vibes are often contagious and negatively affect the whole thing, be it homes or offices or public places. This writer has experienced this syndrome on his various train journeys: yes, in India most people are sadly used to late train rides, but when a train actually does well, runs on time or ever before, these souls continue to emit the negative vibes 'no, it's already running late or running late or finally coming three to four hours late' and so on; and this author has on many occasions seen how these negative vibes actually lead to the train losing time due to a number of unforeseen fat opportunities, and finally running late irreparably. We do not need to submit scientific evidence for the negative-vibe infection syndrome because most things in the human mind cannot actually be การติดเชื้อโควิดในสนาม.

In the last few months, the waves of negative vibes are rising as worryingly as the COVID virus. The reasons for this are not far to seek. In the wake of the 'new normal' imposed on humanity by the killer virus, people are deprived of things they have always loved to do: they are unable to mingle with friends or family even at home; they are deprived of all parties, all social-cultural-religious events; they can no longer visit movie theaters or their most favorite restaurants; in some regions they cannot even take their morning or evening walks or run or stroll; all the women get tired of being in the kitchen continuously with no excursions or food outside coming in, and even though the men try to help them cook the 'losses' turns out to be more than benefits; people living in congested or cramped spaces, especially in the Indian slums and low-middle-class homes, become suffocated and impatient; and no shopping ecstasy can be pampered except for the tedious and repetitive online choices.

The rise of negativity has proven to be a socialist phenomenon that also encourages class disturbances with even celebrities from various fields in their spacious apartments becoming angry, frustrated and impatient. The film industry, especially in India, seems to be most affected, from the stars to the younger artists, technicians and smaller operators, where the former suffocates due to forced unemployment and depression, while the latter suffers due to lack of employment and financial difficulties. For example, Bollywood (the Hindi film industry in India) has twisted and sewn from suffocation so much that this may have led to a growing star, Sushant Singh Rajput, who committed an alleged suicide, which in turn has threatened to split the industry in two. one side claiming mafia rule and nepotism, while the other side defending itself and facing grilling by the police.

Many have also questioned the role of the media in spreading negativity. 'Why do they always highlight the negative stories' has been the constant question in people's minds. Videos of various wandering incidents such as holding dead bodies for a long time along with recovering patients in COVID treatment wards or patients dying due to alleged hospital refusal to admit or total lack of dignified cremation for dead patients actually get repeated broadcast in the Indian TV channels at different times. The media in the unusually crisis-stricken beheading in the competition must address the negativity that has sponged in the previous few months. Of course, good news stories are also shown, but in some cases, even good news stories get the negative glow. for example, some channels tend to use some negative words like 'decline' or 'dip', while erasing a most positive story that new COVID cases are coming down in certain cities, and while showing COVID hospitals with many empty beds the impression that comes out of the structure of history is that hospitals really need to be blamed for underutilization of beds. Such is the power of negativity.