October 9, 2020

New Zealand, an island nation's amazing defense against coronavirus!

When the whole world is writhing in the destructive violence of its people

This small island nation managed to stifle the spread of this threat from the earliest stages just by preventive measures. The adjustments and cooperation between the government and the public shine like a beacon of hope for all other nations in the world. The early awareness of the seriousness of the situation and the immediate preventive measures taken spared the island from future การติดเชื้อโควิดในสนาม course corrections.

All these actions prevented great loss of human life, no economic strain and a population rescued from the onslaught of virulent threat. All these achieved

without antidote, without antiserum and without new discoveries from the medical field.

He observed the spiral epidemic and its devastating effects in Europe, saying the government was "determined to minimize the impact of COVID-19" in New Zealand. From late February to March, the country gradually tightened restrictions.

“It was recognized that the implementation of this strategy would have significant financial costs, but it would also have a major outbreak,” he explains. "So New Zealand chose a precautionary strategy, and on March 26, with the exception of key workers, the whole country was required to quarantine at home."

New Zea; and sets an uncomplicated tightening control. Trade only

permitted was the operation of grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and gas stations. Vehicle travel was limited and social interactions were limited to households.

Supported by a team of researchers and health officials, the austerity measures were formulated and acted upon effectively, including this landlocking. Instead of just slowing down the virus, it seized the opportunity to eliminate the looming covid-19 threat. It suffocated the virus in its entirety.

The WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, explains that New Zealand combined strict physical distancing with strong testing, contact tracking, clinical management of the infected and clear and regular public communication. The country also took steps to dampen the economic blow.

Did not fail their guard:

"New Zealand has certainly benefited from being a high-income island country with an advanced health care system," says Dr. Kasai. "But they did not take anything for granted," he adds. “They worked together to limit and stop COVID-19 on their shores and support other countries in the region.