October 6, 2020

Best Protective Masks

What is a protective mask?
A protective mask is a safety device that has the function of protecting the health of the person who uses it. Most of the masks we know of are manufactured to the finest standards. However, there are people who have made homemade masks.

Protective masks have different levels of protection depending on their type. For example, some are perfectly designed to retain 95% of the particles in the air. On the other hand, there are those that are capable of filtering 99.97% of air pollution.

What is a mask for?
There is endless information about what a mask is for. In a simple way, a protective mask is a safety device that prevents the passage of particles, gases or microorganisms to our respiratory KN95.

Similarly, a mask serves to prevent a person infected with a disease, such as Coronavirus, from infecting other people. The reason is because it prevents the virus from being trapped in your filter and prevents it from spreading in the air.

What protective mask to buy?
When we think about which protective mask to buy, we must focus on the materials in which it is made. There are some handmade ones that do not have the proper filter to stop, for example, the passage of a virus, but there are others that do.

When buying protective masks, we also have to consider whether they are disposable or reusable. If they are reusable, you must pay special attention to the filter, since it must be changed every so often to maintain its effectiveness.

Main Types of COVID Markers

Sanitary Masks
Sanitary masks, also known as surgical masks, are face masks whose operation is contrary to what we have seen so far. These protective masks are designed to contain the microdroplets of saliva that we expel when sneezing or coughing.

Therefore, sanitary masks are useful to prevent the COVID-19 virus from being transmitted from the carrier to a healthy person. Therefore, its use is recommended for patients diagnosed with Coronavirus and other respiratory infections, and for the health personnel who accompany them.

Children's Masks
Masks for children are recommended when our little ones leave home. In general, they are reusable protective masks, with colorful and ergonomic designs, and they also have a changeable filter, which allows the smallest of the house to be safe.

Likewise, there is also the possibility of obtaining disposable masks for children with a design similar to sanitary masks. The particularity of children's masks is that they are suitable for ages 3 to 15 years and have up to three layers of fabric for greater protection.