May 16, 2019

Executive Editor / McKinsey


  • Bachelor’s degree; Advanced degree preferred
  • 5+ years of experience in a field such as journalism, consulting, business/professional services, research/academia, or think tanks
  • Exceptional writing skills and editorial judgment with the ability to rapidly absorb—and shape—complex ideas nimbly
  • Strong ability to work with more junior editors to help them shape their work and amplify their own productivity
  • Expertise in at least one and ideally more than one functional area of business knowledge (e.g., marketing, strategy, organization, business technology); and likely experience of an industry area as well
  • Strong ability and experience identifying insights lurking in “raw” knowledge (e.g., datasets, PowerPoint presentations)
  • Exceptional ability to collaborate productively and in a peer-like fashion with a wide range of colleagues across roles and tenures
  • Deep influencing skills, including exceptional diplomacy
  • Ability to counsel others on setting content goals and refining knowledge agendas
  • Digital-first mind-set and passion for innovation in how management ideas are conveyed
  • Experience developing “digitally native” content (as opposed to simply the development of traditional text content that is digitally distributed)
  • Experience owning the development of complex, multi-part editorial products and packages, including projects that rely on leveraging the work of a broader team
  • Deep client-facing skills; e.g., the ability to interview C-suite executives in ways that elicit deep management insight
  • Deep networking skills—adept at creating internal networks to boost access to knowledge and increase effectiveness; adept at cultivating and drawing on a network of external thought leaders
  • Deep knowledge of business, economics, leadership, and management, including familiarity with foundational management thinking and awareness of latest trends


  • You will work at one of our global officesand be a critical part of the McKinsey Quarterly, one of the world’s leading sources of management insight.
  • The McKinsey Quarterly depends on strong editors to engage with contributors from inside and outside McKinsey to identify, shape, and sharpen compelling content that is relevant for global C-suite executives across functions and industries. You’ll collaborate with McKinsey partners, as well as with a range of colleagues in publishing, design, editorial operation, data visualization, and external relations colleagues in the sourcing, creation, and dissemination of content. You will be a key contributor to the McKinsey Quarterly’s digital innovation efforts as we seek to stay on the cutting edge of digital management publishing and find new ways to help busy senior leaders separate the signal from the noise.


  • You will work closely with McKinsey authors (typically senior consultants and industry/functional experts), McKinsey practices, as well as with external academics and business executives to source, shape, and develop multiform content (articles, video, audio, interactive features).
  • Your work will appear in the McKinsey Quarterly and on, and potentially in select external business publications as well. You will counsel and mentor more junior editors, “top edit” their work, and help them shape content to improve their productivity. You will also collaborate with editorial colleagues across McKinsey to improve your own productivity and reach on wide-ranging content projects.
  • Additionally, you will take ownership of special projects and initiatives that further the McKinsey Quarterly’s mission to advance the art and science of management (e.g., working with McKinsey practices to advance knowledge agendas, leading multipart editorial projects, digital innovation projects, dissemination enhancement, internal operations, etc.).  You will conduct interviews with CEOs and other senior executives and with each project will expand your vibrant network of McKinsey knowledge leaders and external thought leaders/practitioners.
  • Furthermore, you will help set the content agenda for the McKinsey Quarterly through discussion and keeping abreast of external knowledge developments, including publication opportunities - e.g., forthcoming books or other opportunities to engage with external thought leaders


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