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How to trade using Moving Average & MACD

Moving Average and MACD are the classic indicators that you can find in any option trading signal service. On the small timespans, they can give numerous false signals. However, when you use an adaptive strategy, these instruments may be very helpful. Let’s see how this well-known strategy works on the vfxAlert app. 

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vfxAlert signals, what is it


Binary options are hours сoncours for the speed of benefit — just click the "CALL/PUT" button and within two minutes increase the sum on your deposit. However, all is not so simple: it isn't sufficient to decide if the price will go up or fall down; you additionally need to select the validity (expiration) of the transaction.

Best trading on IQ Option with vfxAlert.

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This blog is dedicated to the forex trading and trading strategies. We don’t recommend the brokers, we teach the traders how to become professional in forex trading. Each trader knows that their success depends on their strategy and smart analytical instruments. You can use any software which you comfortable to work with (Binomo, IQ Options). However, you need to understand the work of signals from IQ Options or from another platform and to interpret it in the right way.  

A suitable strategy for a beginner in binary options trading.

Many beginners do not think about the fact that when trading binary options, you need to undergo some training. Hoping only for luck you can face the first losses. Therefore, it is important to choose the right strategy.

How to make money on binary options on the weekend?

You can earn on weekends and holidays on binary options. Trading binary options on cryptocurrencies represents a high potential for earnings for traders of any qualification.
Given that a binary contract has a predetermined potential profit and loss, your deposit will be protected from excessive cryptocurrency volatility.
Trading cryptocurrency brings substantial income to those who know the basics of technical and candlestick analysis and also learned to limit risks and manage their emotions.
Do not forget to use additional analytical tools for trading.

5 minute strategy for binary options

Among all technical indicators, most traders use the most famous ones when trading binary options. But there are other equally profitable means of analysis. One such is Fractal Chaos Bands.

15 minute strategy for binary options.

Experienced traders know that in order to get a stable profit on binary options trading, it is important to consider price hikes. The price of an asset always returns to the moving average from time to time, even during a strong trend. Many advise using a set of EMA indicators with different periods, getting certain price ranges to find an effective trading signal. That is the Rainbow Strategy.

A good way to make money on binary options on weekends and holidays.

You can trade binary options on weekends. Beginners should know that this can be done on cryptocurrencies traded 24 hours / 7 days and the "Trend Hunter" strategy.
The result of the transaction will depend on the experience and level of the trader. As well as the type of transactions and options that you will conclude. With the right approach, even trading binary options on weekends will give a good result and stable profit.