vfxAlert - free binary options signals

vfxAlert is a trading terminal with free binary options signals. The program includes a large number of useful tools for trading binary options. The design of the vfxAlert app is very convenient - the signals are on the panel on the left, and on the panel on the right you can open any broker’s trading platform, at the bottom of the screen there is a panel with additional information on the market. All necessary information is in the same workspace. This signal service provider proposes auto binary signals with extended statistics.

This signal software is perfect for both professionals and beginners in the binary options market. For beginners, this is not a replaceable tool for exploring the world of stock trading.

Download - free binary options signals.

Application for Windows Mac OS OS.

The signal software supplied for the Forex & Cryptocurrencies markets. (free binary options signals only for forex market)



Signal expiration time - 1, 5, 15 minutes

Signal Algorithms - Adaptive, Reversal, Trending


  • * Signal filter - it is possible to select only the desired signals and receive them.
  • * Signal strength and Heat maps - statistical indicators of signal profitability.
  • * Classic Signals - based on classic trading strategies, reversal signal algorithm
  • * Any Broker - the ability to work with any broker. uses RSI and Parabolic SAR indicators, The trend algorithm uses MA indicators
  • * Telegram subscription - choose the signals you need and receive them in telegrams.
  • * Candlestick panel - additional analysis of graphs for the presence of candlestick patterns

Features of use binary signals

  1. Asset - analyzed currency pair.
  2. Price - current price when signal was appeared (for adaptive algorithms - open price of  current candle)
  3. Time - since the appearance of the signal (for adaptive algorithms the time since the last update)
  4. Expiration  - recommended expiration time.
  5. Power - historical winning percent
  6. Signal - CALL or PUT
  7. Algorithm - signal generation algorithm.
  8. Heatmap - Shows the statistical winning percentage calculated for the values of the technical indicator on a different timeframe.

Trading using signals is not as easy as it sounds. The first thing you need to do is decide which strategy will work correctly at the current moment (reversal or trend):

The reversal algorithm of signals is based on the basic principle of the market, the price never moves strictly in one direction, the price always rolls back. Signals do not work when there is a strong up or down move in the market. In this case, the trend signal algorithm works.

Trend signal algorithm - involves trading on strong market movements, entering the market in the direction of price movement. Does not work calm market.

Signals come to the trader a little earlier than the classic signal, for example, RSI signals in the classic strategy use RSI with a period of 14, and vfxAlert signals use the RSI 12 indicator period. Therefore, the signal is issued earlier and the trader has time to make a decision if he uses the classical strategy. If the indicator has not crossed the level of 30 or 70, you do not open the position.

Use the signal only one indicator. Otherwise, you will have uneven statistics. Open trades in the opposite direction if the market situation is different from the type of signals.

After the appearance of the signal, wait a bit when the price rolls back in the opposite direction, and only then open a deal.

Do not pay attention to the price of the asset specified in the signal, it is used for internal statistics of the signal service. Most likely, the prices of your broker and prices in the signal will differ by several points due to the fact that the forex market and the cryptocurrency market are decentralized and have different liquidity providers.

Trade signals when power & heatmaps are in the green zone. You can also consider opening trade in the opposite direction when power & heatmaps are in the red zone.

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