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How to Migrate from SharePoint On-Premise to Online?

Are you struggling in establishing organization-wide communication and collaboration?

Seven Benefits of Using Digital Bulletin Boards for Your Business

In modern times the traditional bulletin boards have become a mere pile of notices, flyers, and brochures. In the fast-paced lives, the employees barely look at them for any development, announcement or notices.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing Culture in Your Organization: Tips & Tricks

Do you know what is the most valued asset your organization owns?

Leverage Intranet Solution for Better Productivity & Employee Engagement

Earlier, intranets were a mere tool for establishing communication networks within the company. But with the most dynamic market scenario and prolonged remote working, intranets are now leveraged to boost engagement and productivity. Deployment of the social and mobile capabilities of an intranet solution gives you an added advantage in fulfilling your purpose. Surveys conclude that, when employee engagement increases, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention by up to 87%.

Make Your Employee Onboarding Painless with Office 365 Intranet

Soon after new recruits join, the onboarding broadly involves official introduction with their team members, going over tons of documents explaining company policies, rules, and regulations. This conventional method of onboarding has been widely replaced by modern onboarding practices using Microsoft office 365 intranet.

Top Features to Look into Any SharePoint Intranet-in-a-box Solution

SharePoint is one of the most widely used software to set up an intranet. The market is flooded with companies providing custom intranet-in-a-box solutions built on SharePoint, which is integrated with respective business apps. Since Microsoft shifted focus from on-premise to online intranet, there has been a preference for SharePoint intranet-in-a-box solution over everything else.

How an Office 365 Intranet Revitalize Workflow in Your Law Firm

Law firms around the globe have an increasing number of cases to solve and they keep looking for a technological solution to help create a faster workflow for the same. Is your firm one of them? You’re not alone. A law firm’s intranet software is an underrated solution which many firms are not taking advantage of. But first let’ explore, what an intranet software is anyway and how it can help?

Here's Why Healthcare Intranet is a Must for Your Organization

For all healthcare institutions, hospitals, clinics, end-of-life care facilities and others, an intranet can be highly advantageous. Since time plays a crucial role in saving lives, an effective internal communication system is indispensable for any healthcare organization. From improved patient care to simplified staff communication here the top four reasons why an intranet is a must for your healthcare institution.

Leverage SharePoint Intranet Templates to Build Intranet for Your Organization

Collaboration and business information repositories exist because they are an affordable solution for many business organizations. Bootstrapped businesses tend to use free tools for different functions like storing, securing, managing, collaborating, etc. This might seem like a good option at first, but gradually, it hinders the functionality of businesses. Modern-day organizations prefer using a combination of tools, while on the other hand, a few prefer creating their own platforms for encouraging collaborative work.

7 Benefits of Cloud Based Intranet

Either big or small, a cloud-based intranet has an irreplaceable working significance for any company. It has quickly become the most trusted mode of communication, collaboration, and document management tool to work with. This is because of the many benefits it offers.