Why do companies use intranets?

Not long ago, company intranets had a limited use: publishing internal news, communicating organization’s general procedures to the employees, and serving as a repository for documents. But today their focus has changed. They are user-friendly, attractive, and offer a wide range of tools that help increase productivity, business efficiency and profits.

Here are 5 essential tools that a company intranet must have:

Document Management – allows you to store, organize, version and share documents. Enterprise search capabilities make it easy to find the right information, quickly.

HR and Employee Management – allows you to disperse corporate announcements, publish training videos, manage performance appraisals, and encourage employees with recognition stories, surveys, and polls.

Project Management – allows you to manage and track your project portfolio, generate reports, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track risks and issues as well as create custom lists for any additional project tracking needs.

Forms Management – offers many pre-built digital forms that you can leverage to automate your approval process. You just have to activate the forms you need and start using them.

Social Collaboration – allows employees to interact with each other and be a part of the corporate culture. It provides many tools that offer different methods of communication, such as video calling or real-time messaging.

A complete power-packed company intranet software meets all your business needs and provides a wide range of functionality that you would generally get with multiple products. It is integrated with your business systems to provide you with a seamless experience.