Best intranet for small to medium business in 2020

The best intranet for your company is one which meets the needs of your business and employees. An intranet engages and connects your employees, reflects the company culture, and supports the daily activities in small to medium (and large) businesses. The best intranet depends on the features and functionalities you are looking for an intranet and its suitability for your business.

Some of the best features suitable for small to medium businesses are:

• Customization – Keep the company logo, terminology, color scheme, and more, on your company intranet.

• Excellent document management – File/folder creation/uploading, approval workflow, file permissions, commenting, sharing of files, easy document search, and much more.

• Collaboration – Discussion forums, group chat, company announcements, comments, social followings and connections.

• Task management – Organize, assign, and manage tasks to team members, monitor the task progress, comment on tasks, set deadlines.

• Calendar and Events – Create recurring and one-time events, invite team members, set reminders, maintain the calendar schedule.Explore more features of an office 365 intranet