Bacteriophage therapy: Phage therapy is saving lives against superbugs

Bacteriophage therapy is also known as phage therapy. It needs viruses for the medication of bacterial infections. Bacterial viruses are called bacteriophages or phages. They combat bacteria; phages are safe to animals, plants, and humans. Bacteriophages are supposed to be natural antagonists of bacteria. Bacteriophages are found in soil, water, sewage, and other places where bacteria are exposed. Phage therapy is widely being reviewed as an option for antibiotics. Therefore, phage therapy is the remedial use of lytic bacteriophages for managing pathogenic bacterial infections.

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The bacteriophage therapy market is driving due to the rising prevalence of drug-resistant infections, increasing research, and the development of products. However, the high cost of bacteriophage therapy and the shortage of skilled professionals are expected to hamper the growth of the global bacteriophage therapy market. Moreover, growing strategic alliances by market players are anticipated to drive demand for the growth of the market for bacteriophage therapy.

Bacteriophages are among the most common and diverse entities in the biosphere. Bacteriophages are ubiquitous viruses, found wherever bacteria exist. It is estimated there are more than 1031 bacteriophages on the planet, more than every other organism on Earth, including bacteria, combined. One of the densest natural sources for phages and other viruses is seawater, where up to 9x108 virions per milliliter have been found in microbial mats at the surface, and up to 70% of marine bacteria may be infected by phages.

Phages have been used since the late 20th century as an alternative to antibiotics in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe, as well as in France. They are seen as a possible therapy against multi-drug-resistant strains of many bacteria (see phage therapy). On the other hand, phages of Inoviridae have been shown to complicate biofilms involved in pneumonia and cystic fibrosis and to shelter the bacteria from drugs meant to eradicate disease, thus promoting persistent infection.

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