Getting The Most From Bodybuilding Training Forums

They're amusing. They're cruel. They're like slow-motion train wrecks from which you just cannot pull your eyes. They are the bodybuilding message boards. Filled with personal trainers, lifters both pro and amateur, competitive and non-competitive alike, they are the melting pot of the entire bodybuilding and fitness cottage industry. Protected by anonymity, they are an outlet for the honesty, frustration, rumors, and knowledge that is the collective mindset of the entire lifting 'blogosphere'.

Most of the time, they're just good for amusement. Sure, it's fun to learn what kind of car Jay Cutler drives or what Phil Heath's living room looks like, and yes, if you follow the sport it can be a great way to learn who won which contest, in almost real-time coverage. But the amount of junk that is present will often prevent you from learning much to make you a better bodybuilder.

That is until you make your way to the training sections of these boards. It is here in these often greater moderated boards, that the SERIOUS lifters, trainers, and competitors of the bodybuilding world will come together to trade ideas, insight, and experiences. Let's learn why the training sections of popular bodybuilding forums might be a good place for you to visit.

Learn From The Pros

First off, these forums are frequented by top bodybuilders of the professional and amateur ranks. Their knowledge of bodybuilding training comes from their own experience. They know the things that can't be printed in magazines, for fear of being too graphic or just going above the heads or introductory bodybuilding fan readers. They know the little things that help you to get lagging body parts up to par, they know what exercises are all hype. Read and listen, then ask them some questions!

Learn From Personal Trainers

The top voices in personal training also congregate on these message boards, giving you're a chance to quietly observe their training protocol discussions. Just think, you could be there to witness the conception of the next HIT or FST-7!

Learn From The Injuries Of Others

Some top bodybuilders have torn a pectoral and immediately run to the doctor to have it reattached. Others train through it talking to. The first group gets it fixed with little to no long-term visible damage. The second group wears a bunched up pectoral for the rest of their competitive days. This is just an example of the kinds of wisdom you can find on the message boards. See how others are injured, how they react, how they treat them, and how they heal.