What is Artificial Intelligence Course?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an interesting field of computer science. It aims at creating machines which can mimic human beings and work and react like human beings would. Speech recognition, problem-solving, planning, and learning are some of the features which AI includes in the machines it designs and creates. Many businesses and technologies revolve around Artificial Intelligence. While many industry experts claim AI and machine learning to be the future, if we look around ourselves and contemplate on it, we will discover that AI is no longer the future, it's present reality in our lives. Be it Alexa, Watson, or Siri, the present-day technology advancement has resulted in building a human connection with AI in some way or the other. Though the AI is presently going through its initial phase, we will soon witness a significant growth in AI apps and products. Companies are realizing the important role of AI in the field of computer science and are investing in this field.

The basic Artificial Intelligence course allows you to master AI skills. These AI skills help you in framing AI solutions by building deep learning models which showcase behavior and intelligence of human beings. These courses explain the software solutions for the next generation. The courses introduce to you the overview of AI and teach you how to practically employ your learning in the creation of smart apps. The motto, which is to be considered while creating these apps, is that it should lead to the enhancement of the organizational efficiency and it should enrich human lives. These courses employ various methods to help you initiate your steps in this exciting field of Artificial Intelligence, which includes hands on activities and engaging interesting lectures.

The AI course does not only introduce the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence to you, but it also teaches you how to apply your knowledge in designing intelligent agents and discovering a solution to some real-world problems. These real-world problems may include search games, the problem of constraint satisfaction, logic, and machine learning. The building of an intelligent computer system involves the understanding of some of the basic AI techniques which are taught by the AI course. The AI course also allows you to gain an understanding of the application of AI in real-world problems. By allowing them to build a basic search agent by themselves, the AI course allows its students to gain some hands-on experience. The creation of games allows AI course students to explore the field of adversarial search. Students are introduced into the field of machine learning through exercises on linear regression.

There are a whole variety of topics that you can expect to learn through the Artificial Intelligence course. Besides gaining the knowledge of the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, it teaches you the intelligent agents of AI. It teaches you how to build intelligent agents like the search adversarial. It gives you training into the machine learning algorithms. It combines theoretical learning with practical learning so that students can learn to apply the techniques they have studied in class.

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The field of Artificial Intelligence is exciting and is gaining significance with enhancement in technological advancement. The knowledge of some of the basic principles and practices of Artificial Intelligence comes very handy in the workplace and is considered valuable across the different fields of business. If you also wish to gain expertise in AI, get enrolled to AI courses and gain an edge over your peers.

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April 26, 2019
by UdayP Pavan


Over the years, technology has evolved from a mere switch for a light bulb to supercomputers which are able to give you details about the minutest of particles. Scientists from all around the world are working together to make computers and machines more smart in a way that they will need minimal human interaction. The technical term for this is artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence

AI is the field of computer science where machines are trained to be intelligent, so that they can operate like humans. Your automatic gates, robots and Siri, all come under the category of AI. This field is a large domain on its own and still it is a superset of machine learning and deep learning. Over the years, more and more people have taken an interest in this field which has made it grow and enter almost all different kinds of industries.

What happens in AI?

A person who is studying AI is supposed to be capable enough to recognize the problem, think of a solution in an innovative way and then be able to solve it with a good approach. AI is all about approaches; which algorithm to use to get the most accurate answers. Some of the approaches in AI are cybernetics and brain simulation, symbolic, cognitive simulation, logic based, knowledge based, etc. These approaches have proven to be very efficient and they have helped in bringing this field to a very advanced level.

An example

A basic tool of AI is logic. You need to be logical enough to think of a solution to a tricky problem. The problem, for example, can be in an automatic car. Sometimes the traffic lights have minute long red lights in order to control the traffic while sometimes the lights are only seconds long. So how is your car computer supposed to start moving according to that?

Applications of AI

The applications of AI are everywhere from the medical industry to the music industry. AI has helped doctors and surgeons in surgeries and by providing high tech machines which help in predicting a disease and the survival expectancy for patients. There have been surgeries being conducted by robots which have been successful. As mentioned above, there is a rise in the demand of automatic vehicles for old age and disabled people. These vehicles will help them greatly in providing transportation and independence from having to take help from others. The finance sector has been enjoying the benefits of AI in the stock market and doing business while the government has been inventing new machines and weapons through AI for the military. Not only weapons, there are devices which detect the presence of weapons in the war zone as well.

Thus, you can see that AI has really been helping us in our lives in such a tremendous way. From our phones to an elevator, you can recognize the presence of AI. It won’t be long before seeing robots and automatic cars on the road will be a common thing!


If you are interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, then sign up for an artificial intelligence course which will teach you this subject thoroughly and make you capable enough to do your own kind of innovation.

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April 4, 2019
by UdayP Pavan
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