April 24, 2019

Today I want to answer the question how scary it is if you were taken in the store, what are the consequences and how can this happen.

All Hi


So, you went to the nearest grocery store, in order to pawn a couple of Yagers with your kentjarik or take them away, but your actions weren’t careful and someone from you burned you.

If you work diligently and on an ongoing basis, then a photo session in the store will not be unusual for you, but, nevertheless, you should try to avoid such incidents.

1. Burn to the workers and they will have the opportunity to take a picture of you in the store, they will do it!

If you leave, and you are burned down, then you will be photographed from the cameras on the monitor.

Or you will turn away well.

2. Then the photo goes to konfu, in this conference the staff from the shops of the area sits, it happens that different.

The staff does not always consider who is there, but there are those who look at each photo thoroughly, often by administrators.

3. Stolen for a pretty good amount?

Perhaps the photo will be in the interims of your city or public-like, because the police are not interested in finding you (depending on the amount).

And it is easier for employees to write a statement on the face they have found.

4. The photo can be printed and hung in the store, so they do it often.

This practice is carried out in almost all networks, shoplifters fotkayut-send.

Oh yeah, do not think that you have to steal something, there is a chance that you just seem suspicious and take a picture of you and send you.

Raid the day at 13 stores and after some of them notice the intense surveillance of you, you most likely took a picture.

Go home and go to bed, come after a while.