Strengthening government regulations to insulate pipes are accelerating the consumption of pipe insulation products

Pipe Insulation Market Overview:

The pipe insulation market is predicted to grow from USD 8.3 billion in 2020 to USD 10.5 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 3.9% over the foreseen period. Pipe insulation is a material or combination of materials that adds a protective layer to pipes and reduces heat loss or heat gain from surfaces operating at temperatures above or below ambient temperature. The worldwide pipe insulation market may have grown steadily over the past few years, due to the tremendous expansion of the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. Pipe insulation is a process of insulating pipes with a combination of materials that provides protection for pipes. It also prevents heat gain or heat loss from pipe surfaces and helps them maintain temperature.

Market drivers and restraints:

Escalating construction activities worldwide and strengthening government regulations to insulate pipes are accelerating the consumption of pipe insulation products. Fluctuating temperature causes moisture to settle on the surface of uninsulated pipes, impacting flowing materials. To respond to humidity, insulation is employed which will increase market expansion in the future. Escalatingly stringent regulations to insulate pipes and increase oil production are believed to be driving the worldwide market for pipe insulation. Constant temperature fluctuations, contact with moisture and water, and chemical interactions cause damage to uninsulated pipes and the materials that pass through them. The pipe insulation process also protects pipes from breakage at the time of shipment. Provides support for pipes both indoors and outdoors. The high compressive strength and non-flammable nature of insulating materials are predicted to drive the worldwide pipe insulation market. The growing applications of pipe insulation products in various end-use industries, escalating awareness of worker health and environmental safety are believed to drive the expansion of the worldwide pipe insulation market. Pipe insulation products bring efficiency and durability to manufacturing plants.

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Report segmented as:

By material type:

·       Rockwool

·       Fiberglass

·       Polyurethane & polyisocyanurate

·       Elastomeric foam

By application:

·       Oil

·       Industrial

·       District energy systems

·       Building and construction

Geographical analysis:

APAC is estimated to be the largest pipe insulation market in 2020 and is predicted to continue to dominate the market until 2025 due to the expansion of industries in emerging economies in the region. Escalating per capita disposable income, rapid urbanization, and escalating call for district power systems are predicted to drive expansion in the pipe insulation market. Additionally, strong expansion in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and chemicals is predicted to drive call for pipe insulation in the region. Asia-Pacific dominates the pipe insulation market as China is the top pipe insulation manufacturer and top leaders generate revenue in China and India due to high production and consumption. of isolated products. The Asia-Pacific region is predicted to grow at the highest expansion rate during the foreseen period from 2020 to 2025 due to growing business expansion and escalated construction in developing countries. China leads the expansion of the Asia-Pacific market due to the adoption of pipe insulation, as well as the significant sale of chemicals and petroleum products. The United States dominates North America because in the United States the manufacture of petroleum and petroleum products is very high while Germany dominates the European market due to the replacement of old pipes in chemical plants with new ones. rigid foam in the field.

Important market players:

The major players covered in the report are Kingspan Group, Saint-Gobain, Covestro AG., Knauf Insulation, BASF SE, DOW, Huntsman International LLC, Owens Corning, armacell, Johns Manville, Cellofoam GmbH & Co. KG , All American Insulation Services, Inc. , L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX S.p.A ,3M, NMC sa , ROCKWOOL International A/S , Röchling , DUNMORE., Synavax , Great Lakes Textiles , GILSULATE INTERNATIONAL, INC , Commercial Thermal Solutions, Inc. PolarClad Tank Insulation, Gulf Cool Therm Factory LTD , Mayes Coatings & Insulation, Inc. among other domestic and global players.

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