Download Minecraft [PC]

2 Ways To Download And Play Minecraft For Free

Hey guys! Here you can find link to download minecraft, java and MCLeaks Authenticator. It's absolutely free to download.

1. Tlauncher

Tlauncher - Download

Java x32 - Download

Java x64 - Download

2. MCLeaks Authenticator

Minecraft official launcher - Download

Java x32 - Download

Java x64 - Download

MCLeaks Authenticator - Download

Get MC account here -

Follow the instructions in the video if you want download Minecraft for free and play with your friends.

Java arguments

32-bit systems:

-Xincgc -Xmx768M

64-bit systems:

-Xms1024m -Xmx2048m

-Xms2048m -Xmx4096m


Minecraftis a video game where users create cubic block constructions in order to protect a base from nocturnal monsters. The game really comes into its own in multiplayer mode, because the constructions become collaborative and, therefore, more creative. Imagination is players' only limitation in the game, which is expandable with skins and other customizable features.


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