Для перевода

"So a friend was telling me about this guy who's working on this serum. The project was initially run by a big pharmaceutical company who were trying to develop new treatments for a whole pile of different conditions - Parkinsons, MS, that sort of thing. But when they did initial tests on the drugs they'd developed, they realised that there were a lot of unexpected side effects. They were going to scrap everything and start again, but the American government got wind of what they were doing, and they were interested in the drugs as is. Thought they might have some useful applications - for intelligence gathering and stuff. So they took it over. The problem is, they're having trouble finding willing human test subjects to take part in trials. So much trouble that they're offering a million pounds to anyone who takes part in an initial trial for a year."

Her eyes widened. "A million? Really?"

He smiled. "Yes, baby. A million quid. Just for a year. Your debts would be gone, and it would mean you'd never have to work again. Fuck, I wouldn't even have to work any more."

She would do pretty much anything for a million quid, if it could fix their financial problems.

"What exactly is it that the drug does?"

"Well, essentially it makes it impossible for you to orgasm - until it wears off - and massively increases your arousal. I think they'll probably use it to interrogate people if it gets approved, but I didn't want to ask too many questions."

She was overcome with lust at the idea. No more accidental ruins. No more risk of coming and spoiling all of their hard work. Just unending sexual torment. A whole year, stuck on the edge.

"How would they do it?"

"Well, first they'll get you right to the edge - closer than you've ever been - and they inject your clit first. Then your g spot. Then your nipples." He fondled each spot as he spoke, enjoying her moans. "After a few minutes, everything starts to swell and throb, and within half an hour they'll have permanently tripled in size and sensitivity. Clit, nipples, everything. The chemical floods every nerve in your body. Your tits will start to grow - you might go up as much as two or three cup sizes." he squeezed her small but perky breasts, flicking over her nipples with his wicked tongue. "Then they'll edge you for about an hour and a half. They'll try everything they can to force you to come. But it won't work. You'll be stuck on the edge, physically incapable of having an orgasm until it wears off. And they actually have a clinic here, so you wouldn't even have to fly out to have the treatment done."

Carefully, he slid his cock into her wet heat and began fucking her, painfully slowly.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I could use this slutty little cunt however I wanted without having to worry about stopping before you come? If I could fuck you as hard and as long as I please and know that you wouldn't come no matter what I did?"

"Yessss, Master" she hissed, feral with lust and desperate for him to keep fucking her.

"I can fuck you every single day from now on if you come to the clinic with me tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Really?"

"Yes, baby. Tomorrow morning. I already set up an appointment."

"Yes, Master! Please, I want it! I'll do it!" she wailed, fighting her impending orgasm.

He stopped, enjoying the feeling of being inside her swollen, twitching pussy. He slid halfway out and began masturbating furiously, leaving just the first few inches inside her.

"Are you sure, baby? You'll be giving up any chance of coming for a whole year. You'll be hornier than you've ever been. But once it's done, that's it. And there's the risks ..."

She didn't care about the risks. She needed cock.

"Yes, Master! I want it! I want ... I want you to take my orgasms away. Please, Master!"

"Oh, fuck yes... that's right, baby. I'm going to take your orgasms away, because you don't deserve them. Fuck, I'm going to come so fucking hard in this denied little pussy!"


They walked into the clinic together the next morning at five to ten. She was nervous, but excited. He had smiled quietly the whole way there, cogs visibly turning in his mind, but she was so horny she barely noticed. All she could think about was the fact that in a few hours, she would be the perfect denial slut - desperate to come beyond anything she had ever experienced, but unable to do anything about it. It was the pinnacle of her fantasies, and it was being handed to her on a silver platter. She couldn't believe her luck.

The clinic was a fairly nondescript building from the outside - a dilapidated Georgian terrace hidden away on a quiet street among the sprawl of buildings that housed the university's school of medicine. Inside it was all sharp, clean white and bright lights and coldly, clinically clean, the ultra-modern interior standing in stark contrast to the impression given outside. One would be forgiven for wondering if the clinic had deliberately set out to remain unnoticed.

A blonde woman in a white coat was waiting for them at the reception desk. She smiled warmly when she spotted them, walking over to greet them with her hand extended.

"Simon, Lucy, you're both very welcome. I'm Doctor Adams, and I'll be carrying out the procedure this morning. If you could both follow me, we'll get started and hopefully we'll have you on your way home by lunchtime."

They followed her through a warren of disorientating white to a windowless room dominated by a gynaecological examination table.

"Now, Lucy. If you could just take your clothes off and pop up on to the table there, we can get started."

She hesitated for a second, but his stern gaze soon saw her naked and prone on the table, Dr Adams appraising her with icy blue eyes that glimmered with something other than purely clinical interest.

"Good girl. Legs nice and wide for me."

Dr Adams worked quickly and efficiently, securing Lucy to the examination table in hardly any time at all. Lucy felt vulnerable, exposed and completely helpless with her legs immobilised in the stirrups and her arms strapped to the table, which only served to heighten her arousal. She barely felt the prick of the needle against her thigh.

"What was that, Dr Adams?"

The doctor smiled, patting her thigh gently.

"Just something to help you relax, pet. We don't want you thrashing about during the procedure."

Lucy felt her body grow heavy rapidly. She began to panic when she tried to wiggle her toes and found that she couldn't, but Dr Adams reassured her.

"It's just a little paralytic, Lucy. I need you absolutely still for this. It will wear off in an hour or two. You have nothing to worry about."

She turned to Simon, clipboard in hand.

"Just to confirm, Simon - Lucy has given her full consent for the procedure, yes?"

He smiled wickedly at his helpless slave as he answered. "Oh, yes. As soon as she heard about the trials she couldn't wait to sign up."

Dr Adams scribbled on the clipboard while he spoke, ticking boxes and taking notes.

"Good, good. And she understands that there is a small risk - roughly a ten percent chance - that she will lose the ability to reach orgasm permanently?"

He'd failed to mention that! Lucy suddenly wasn't so sure about going through with the procedure. A year without coming was one thing... but the rest of her life? Yes, she fantasised about it - a lot - but she didn't want to die without ever coming again!

She finally understood the purpose of the paralytic when she tried desperately to shake her head or voice her objections. She was completely unable to move a muscle or utter a single word. This was happening, whether she wanted it to or not.

"Yes, Dr Adams, she does. She also understands that it is likely that her arousal will never return to normal levels even if the drug wears off."

Dr Adams ran a finger lightly over Lucy's screaming pussy, gently teasing the swollen little bundle of nerves and almost tipping her over the edge. Lucy wanted to moan and writhe and buck her hips, but she had no choice but to just feel the sensations wash over her in hot waves of desperation. Apparently the paralytic had no effect on her pussy. She wondered how they'd managed that.

"I can see from her responses that she likes that idea - I don't think I've ever seen a pussy this wet! When was the last time she had an orgasm?"

Lucy wasn't sure what it was, but something felt slightly off about Dr Adams. Surely she should have been asked for her consent before the procedure began?

"She had an accidental ruined orgasm about three or four weeks ago, but the last time she came was, god... maybe nine weeks ago? Yes, that sounds about right. Let's say nine weeks ago."

Dr Adams' smile was cruel. "And would Lucy like to come before we deprive her of her ability to orgasm for the next year or so? It's a very, very long time to go without any sexual release at all."

It was clear from Lucy's eyes that she would have been screaming and begging for an orgasm if she had been capable of doing so. She started to cry, hoping her silent tears would convey what she could not express in any other way.

They were ignored.

"No, I don't think so. She'd hate to ruin all of our hard work now. And the hormonal shock might upset the effectiveness of the procedure - all that dopamine suddenly leaving her system couldn't be a pleasant experience."

Dr Adams nodded in agreement. "Very true, Simon. Let's begin, shall we?"

She could not believe the unfairness of it all. Robbed of all ability to protest, she was forced to accept and endure whatever her Master decided for her. She wanted to come - more than anything - but she was powerless to even beg for mercy.

She hated it, and she loved it.

As much as she wanted to come, deep down she genuinely wanted the choice to be taken away from her. Her predicament - as cruel as it was - fulfilled some of her darkest fantasies and desires. She wanted to be tortured, subjugated, enslaved. She wanted to be suspended in the fires of never ending lust and burned alive, consumed and tormented by a desire that could never be satisfied. She wanted to be his cock-hungry, ravenously horny fucktoy, to be used for his pleasure and amusement and kept mercilessly denied.

She was about to get her wish.

"Now, Lucy. This little machine I've hooked you up to will monitor your body's responses to stimulation so we don't have any accidents. I think ten hard edges should suffice. Then we'll inject this," she held up a syringe filled with pink fluid "into your clitoris. Then we'll inject a dose of the serum into each leg of your clitoris from the outside. After that, we'll dilate your vagina and inject a slightly larger dose into your g-spot. While this is happening, this device will suction and vibrate your nipples."

The doctor attached two suction cups to her engorged nipples and flicked a switch. The cups gripped her nipples tightly as they stretched and swelled, pulsing with vibrations and sucking rhythmically on the rock hard nubs. She thought she might come from the sensations, but the doctor was too careful. She circled Lucy's clit gently, stopping every few seconds as she reached the edge again and again.

"Once we're finished with your pussy, we'll turn the suction cups off and inject the serum into your nipples and breasts, preserving their current state of arousal and sensitivity. I'm afraid there will be a number of jabs - twenty four in total. After this, we will cover your entire body in a powerful arousal gel that will absorb into your skin, giving it roughly the same level of sensitivity as your clitoris would have normally. The gel will help the chemicals in the serum to act, increasing the sensitivity of every nerve ending in your body, creating more pleasure pathways in your brain, ensuring that the production of hormones is increased and acting on the sympathetic nervous system to remove your ability to orgasm."

Lucy was almost delirious with need by now, the doctor's words only making it worse, her fingers feather-light on her clit, coaxing a steady stream of wetness from her.

"Then, we'll watch as your clitoris, vulva and vagina begin to swell. Your clitoris will at least double in size and will become permanently erect - I always enjoy watching that. We'll watch as your nipples get longer and thicker and your breasts grow fuller and heavier. By then the paralytic should be beginning to wear off slightly, and you might find yourself unable to contain your moans of pleasure. Unfortunately, you still won't be able to touch that needy little pussy. After half an hour, we will test the effectiveness of the procedure. If you are unable to reach orgasm, we will know that the procedure has been successful. If you do somehow manage to reach orgasm, we will repeat the procedure with a higher dose. A second procedure would mean that the serum would remain effective for much longer - perhaps permanently - so we'll do our best to get it right the first time. "

The doctor smiled as Lucy reached the tenth edge, removing her fingers at the last possible second. If she had been able to move, just humping the air would have been enough to send her screaming into the most explosive orgasm of her life. She had never been so close.

"Just a sharp scratch" the doctor murmured, as the needle pierced her clit and flooded it with the serum.

The pain was intense, but it was quickly eclipsed by the searing pleasure that welled up within the tortured bundle of nerves seconds later. Impossibly, Lucy felt herself move even closer to the edge of orgasm. The doctor worked quickly and carefully, injecting the legs of her clitoris and then dilating her to access her g spot. Each time the needle penetrated her flesh the pain pulled her back ever so slightly from the edge, only to bring her even closer once the serum began to take effect.

"There we go - halfway there! Let's just pop these off now."

She wanted to beg for the suction cups to be reapplied the moment they were removed. The doctor banded her nipples at the base to ensure that they stayed swollen and aching during the rest of the procedure. She felt multiple needles pierce her distended nipples and breasts in rapid succession, causing an intense burning sensation that quickly gave way to pure pleasure as the serum began working its diabolical magic.

"You're doing beautifully, Lucy. Now all we have to do is apply the gel to your body and we can all have a bit of a breather."

With gloved hands, the doctor began massaging handfuls of the gel into every inch of her skin. She started at her feet, caressing each individual toe before slowly making her way up the soles of her feet with small circular motions that made Lucy's eyelids flutter with bliss. She ran her hands up Lucy's legs from calf to thigh, the proximity of her fingers to her sopping, ravenous pussy driving her wild with lust. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt two of the doctor's gloved fingers, primed with a generous dollop of the gel, enter her. She gushed as she felt them swirl around the inside of her aching hole, not quite able to clamp down and potentially send herself over the edge. A syringe full of the gel was squeezed into her tight arse and a small plug was inserted to ensure that it would remain there.

"I would suggest daily anal sex for the next week, Simon. You'll find it intensely pleasurable due to the high concentration of gel there. It will also allow Lucy's level of arousal to rise until you find a baseline you're happy with. If you have vaginal intercourse and ejaculate inside her, it will dull her arousal by a fraction for a very brief period."

Simon was intrigued. "So you're saying that unless I come in her pussy, her arousal will continue to rise indefinitely?"

The doctor gave him a knowing look. "Yes, Simon, that's exactly what I'm saying. The pheromones in your semen will react with the chemicals in her system to halt the continued increase in arousal levels, but only for a day or two. After that it will start to rise again. And we would be very interested in finding out what effect depriving her of that would have over an extended period of time, if you were interested in experimenting for us."

A small whimper escaped her as she realised that she would need to beg him to come in her denied pussy on a daily basis if she wanted to be able to string a coherent sentence together after a couple of weeks. And judging by the evil grin spreading across his face, he was going to take great pleasure in using this knowledge against her.

While she was still unable to move, her voice was beginning to return, and she could not bite back her moans as the doctor rubbed the gel into her swollen lips and aching clit in small, teasing circles.

"I honestly believe you would give anything to be able to come right now, Lucy, wouldn't you? I've never seen such a needy, wet little pussy before. I do hope you're not regretting allowing us to take your orgasms away for a whole year. It would be such a terrible shame if you'd changed your mind halfway through the procedure and couldn't tell us because of the paralytic."

Lucy couldn't believe it - the doctor was getting off on this! She smiled wickedly at her as she spread the gel over her thighs and belly, slowly running her hands over her skin, moving up to cup her breasts and tease her nipples, coating her skin with the gel as she went. She slathered it on her neck and down her arms, lifting her limp torso up slightly to cover her back, not missing a single centimetre of skin.

"All done! Now we wait. You may be feeling a slight tingling sensation by now - that's the gel working to sensitise your skin. In half an hour, your whole body will be responding to touch in much the same way as a clitoris would. Isn't that amazing?"

She gasped as waves of pure torturous pleasure began to lap at her toes, growing in intensity as they crept up her legs and gathering speed as they broke over her body in shivers of lust. Her entire body felt like it was on the edge of the most earth-shattering orgasm she could imagine, and she had no way to tip over. She became acutely aware of the swelling of her pussy and breasts, convinced she could feel them filling and expanding with each breath. The doctor licked her lips as she watched her.

"Let's see if we can encourage those breasts to grow a bit bigger, shall we?" the doctor fixed another pair of suction cups, bigger this time, over her already aching, tender tits, laughing as Lucy cried out with pleasure when they began to suck on them. "I think we could easily get you up to a double D, you know. Horny little tease toys should have huge, aching tits. And soon the serum will fill up your milk ducts, so they'll be even bigger, even more swollen and tender. Not with milk, you understand - no matter how hard you squeeze, nothing will come out. They'll just stay like that, until your next orgasm - which is a very, very long way away. Won't that be nice?"

Lucy could only moan as the sensations and the chemicals overtook her, Dr Adams' inappropriate comments barely registering in her brain. She was completed consumed by her need to come.

"Would you like to go and get a coffee while we're waiting, Simon? I won't start the next stage without you, I promise."

He smiled and left the room, leaving Lucy with Dr Adams.

"Oh, Lucy. I'm so glad I got my hands on you. Studying you over the next year is going to be fascinating."

Dr Adams trailed her hand across Lucy's thigh, stopping just short of where she wanted to be touched and laughing as she tried to move her hips to rub against them.

"Such a horny, desperate little slut. If you came right now, it would be the best orgasm of your life. But you're not allowed to have it, Lucy. And if I have my way, you'll never be allowed to have it. He'll keep bringing you back here, year after year, until I talk him into letting me give you the permanent shot. I'm wet just thinking about it."

She pulled up her dress and slipped out of her knickers, letting them fall to the floor, before clambering up on to the table and straddling Lucy's chest.

"In fact, I'm going to come right now, Lucy. I want you to watch me. In a few short minutes the procedure will be complete, and I will have stolen your ability to orgasm for a very, very long time. I'm going to come right in front of you the second it happens. I want you to imagine it's your orgasm that I'm having. I want you to feel like I've stolen it from you. I want you to know that you are completely helpless to stop this."

Lucy watched, seething with jealousy and lust as Dr Adams rubbed her clit furiously, gasping with pleasure as she grew close to coming.

"Oh, God ... look at me, Lucy. Look at me while I come - fuck!"

Lucy cried as Dr Adams exploded inches from her face, every pulse of her pussy reinforcing the truth of her fate. She was unable to protest as the other woman rubbed her wet, satisfied pussy on her face, her juices smeared thickly across her lips and under her nose, the taste and smell of her pleasure a reminder of what she could no longer have.

"Now, let's make sure it's definitely taken hold. Simon, would you like to fuck your slut?"

With a jolt, Lucy realised that he had been watching the whole time. He smiled, unbuckling his belt and stepping out of his jeans.

"I thought you'd never ask, Dr Adams."

Dr Adams unfastened the straps that held Lucy down and started rolling thick rubber up over her feet.

"The suit will need to stay on for a week, I'm afraid. It will leave her holes and nipples exposed for your use, but the rubber will help to prevent any decrease in sensitivity. If you'd like to hold on to it, there's also a sleeve for her pussy that can be glued in on a temporary basis to prevent her from feeling any pleasure there when you fuck her - I'll send it with you in case she's a naughty girl. We'll arrange for a taxi so no one sees her looking like a rubber fuckdoll in public."

The rubber squeezed her body tightly as it was forced up over her skin, pulling her waist in and pushing her tits together. It covered her from toe to chin, with the exception of the holes that held her nipples erect and exposed and bared her pussy and ass for him to fuck.

"The hood is optional - I'll put it in the bag with the sleeve and leave it up to you, Simon."

With that she left them, although Lucy wondered if she was watching them from another room.

"Does my little slut want to get fucked?"

She moaned loudly, trying to nod her head. She still couldn't move, the rubber suit compounding the lingering effects of the paralytic.

"Plea... cock. Please!"

He slid into her pussy slowly, hissing with pleasure as her hot wetness gripped his cock like a vice.

"You're ready to come right now, aren't you slut? I don't think I've ever seen you this close."

She moaned raggedly as he started pounding her, her pussy frantically pulsing and throbbing, struggling to reach the orgasm that it knew should have happened already.

"I need to come ... it's not fair!"

He only laughed and fucked her even harder, revelling in her anguish.

"Oh, I think it's very fair, baby. You got us into all that debt. It's only fair you should pay for it. Just think - if you hadn't been such a silly, greedy, selfish little slut, you'd be coming right now. Coming so hard for me, over and over again ... go on, try to come. Come for me, slut."

She sobbed as she weakly tried to grind her pussy against him, crying with the unfairness of it all.

"I can't!" she wailed. He laughed cruelly, twisting her nipples.

"I know, baby. You may never come again ... but I can. You're going to make me come every single day, but all you're going to get is frustration. And unless you're very, very good, we'll come straight back to the clinic as soon as it wears off and ask Dr Adams to make it permanent. Assuming that it does wear off, of course. There's a chance it won't. Did you forget about that? Imagine ... never coming again. That would be so cruel, wouldn't it baby?"

She keened despairingly as he pulled out of her pussy and shot the precious liquid that might have allowed her to retain some semblance of sanity across her rubber-clad body.

"Poor baby - did you want my come that badly? Maybe if you're a good girl, I'll come in your pussy in a week or two."

Dr Adams came again as she watched the camera feed from her office. She was looking forward to watching these two over the next year or so, more than any of her other subjects