What Makes You a Productive Writer

Almost everyone these days have something to share and when such little ideas are converted into a piece of writing, its more than just a random piece of your restless mind. It turns into something real and of great significance when it’s out there either on a paper or online. However, as easy as it sounds, writing is not easy and you have to be in that writing space to get your ideas into the paper. Writers face many hurdles that they need to overcome, hence, here a few ways that illustrate how one can be a productive writer

Prepare your mind and body

Your body and mind are directly related. If you treat your body nicely, your mind will work efficiently too. To make sure your body and mind both stay healthy, make sure to maintain a good diet. This involves drinking a lot of water, exercising daily and completing the whole sleeping cycle. As cheap paper writing service provider, one should also decrease their consumption of alcohol and caffeine and use high-quality vitamins and nutritional products. Once your body is taken care of, your mind will work too and this will provide you with the clarity you need while writing.

Take frequent breaks

In the light of a few pieces of research, it has been found that people, who take constant breaks between their works, perform better than those who work constantly for hours without taking any breaks. One should keep taking breaks to refresh their mind while writing and become more productive. You should take a walk around your house your work space after working for hours, drink water, stretch or grab something to eat. It will bring many great changes in your body and writing

Set your daily priorities

To be a productive writer, one should have a priority list and should strictly follow it. Make a priority list where you write how much word count you need to cover and what topic you need to cover. Do not start anything new or do anything else, such as surfing the internet until unless you are done with one task

Leave your email and other notifications until later

Emails can be helpful but at times, they can be quite distracting. When you wake up, avoid checking your email first thing in the morning or right before you start writing. Emails can distract you from the tasks that you intended to do and gives other people the chance to dictate how you spend your time. The key to writing productively is to concentrate on what you set out to do rather than what others what you do and accomplish

Use a daily to-do list or productivity planner

Staying organized is a part of good writing. To stay organize; make sure to make a daily to-do list or productivity planner. This way, it will get easier for you to manage your time and projects. This productivity planner should also your tasks for the next day. In addition to staying organized, having a clear schedule helps you stay motivated

Use time blocking

Making sure to keep track of the time is an important factor that contributes to productive writing. When you are organizing your schedule, make sure to organize it in blocks of time and include one or more block for just writing. Each block should have a certain goal that you need to achieve within the time you have set. You should be doing nothing else when it’s time for your writing. Your focus should solely be on writing

Turn off the Internet

When you are focused on your writing, do not forget to turn off your Wi-Fi and your cell phone. If you continuously check your social sites, you will write less and instead, get distracted. When you open Facebook or Instagram, you get so engrossed with it that you forget the time and task on hand. In this way, hours pass by until you realize what you were actually doing.

Master your thoughts

When you find your thoughts following something negative and limiting beliefs, then you are on the wrong track and you will never be able to write. Such thoughts are a source of de-motivation and they only make you feel inadequate and useless. Therefore, to avoid such thoughts, adopt ways that can help you dodge them. For instance, you can start meditation that will help you gain focus and make you realize that every word of yours is worth it. When you find your thoughts filled with negativity regarding yourself then remember to convert those thoughts into positive thoughts.

Have a routine

Finally but most importantly, create a routine for yourself and stick to it. Either that routine involves writing, exercising, eating or sleeping


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways that writers can adapt to be a productive writer and to write more efficiently. These points include mastering your thoughts to having a schedule based on time blocks