Benefits of Your Own Blog Site

There are literally millions of blogs online. People from all over write blogs about any and every topic. No matter what what topic you choose to look up, there are most likely hundreds or maybe even thousands of blogs written about that topic. If you don't believe me, check any search engine. Type in your topic, type the word blog behind it and see how many blogs come up.

People write blogs for numerous reasons. Some write blogs to inform others on a topic they have knowledge on. Some write blogs to promote or even bash a product or service. Some write blogs to make money. I personally write blogs for all three of the above reasons. I enjoy sharing with people what's going on in my head. I also promote products that I enjoy which in turn makes money for me. I eventually want to make blogging a full time business for myself.

This is where my blog site comes in. I gain so much from having my own site compared to blogging on one of the free sites such as or I do suggest if you are thinking about starting your own blog site then you may want to start off blogging on one of the free sites. I suggest this because you can join communities to see what people are talking about and what interest's people. You probably won't just be able to jump right in to your own site thinking people will want to hear what you have to talk about. Once you get a feel for what people like then spend a couple extra dollars and get your own site. It's not expensive at all. It's just getting a host and a domain name. If you are use to writing you just keep it updated every day.

The benefits of this are you follow your own rules. You don't have to follow any terms of service or any agreements. You actually create them andy pau Your topics are yours for you to discuss in whatever way you want. You can put ads on your blogs if you choose. The sky is the limit.

The only drawback (which to me is not a drawback at all) is that you have to wear many hats. You are the writer, the publisher, the webmaster, the site creator, the SEO expert and many more. You can always pay others to do this for you, but it's nothing like learning how to do all of this on your own. This gives you complete control. It's no walk in the park. Don't think you are going to just write blogs and create a site and people will be flocking to your blogs to read them. That is NOT going to happen. Getting people to your site to read your blogs is probably the toughest part of owning your own blog site. At least with the free blog sites, the people in your community will most likely read your blogs without you having to do much to generate traffic.

Generating traffic to your site is one of the single most important things you need to do when it comes to your own site. There are plenty of Social Network Sites that can help jump-start generating traffic. There are even ways you can Tweet your way to more traffic. These all help, but to really get tons of visitors to your site you will need to learn SEO and how to get ranked high in Search Engines. This in itself can take months of learning. There are books and videos that teach all of this, but it takes a real "hands on" approach to learn how it really works. Even after you think you have it mastered, it changes and you have to get use to the new ways.

It is definitely a great thing to have your own blog site but it's not easy. But it's not just writing blogs. If you start your own blog site be ready to take on much responsibility. I, personally love having my own site. I love every aspect of it. It takes up the majority of my free time, but I believe it will all be worth it.