January 9, 2021

Token Economy

CCM token is a token of the company. It's purpose is to provide a secure and transparent relationship between the investor and the company. Purchasing the company’s token, the investor automatically gets entitled to a share of profits from the company's activities - cryptocurrency trading, robo-trading and IPO trading. CCM token is Ethereum-based, and is created according to the ERC-223 DeFi standards.

Total Token Supply: 40 000 000 CCM;
Starting Price: 4 USDT;
Market cap: 1 300 000 $;
Token Type: ERC-223 DeFi;
No Launchpad, Public or Private sale.

Distribution of tokens:
85% ( 34 000 000 CCM ) — Token holders;

10% ( 4 000 000 CCM ) — Company;

4% ( 1 600 000 CCM ) — Marketing;

1% ( 400 000 CCM ) — Bonus tokens.

Distribution via Airdrop:
- staking;
- marketing;
- contribution.

Basic Utilities:
- exchange commissions;
- liquidity provider;
- governance;
- staking.

Asset allocation:

34% — Robo-advisor market;

27% — Cryptocurrency market;

23% — IPO (Initial Public Offering);

16% — Reserve.

Technical model

Standard ERC-223
Over the last several years, Ethereum has become the most popular platform for the creation of new tokens. Under their smart-contracts, the ERC-20 tokens function within a quite wide Framework, providing a greater flexibility in token creation. But we chose the improved smart contact named ERC-223.

The ERC-223 is made to improve the ERC-20 and become its successor.

The main features are the following:

● Fixed bugs of loss of coins that were sent to the wrong address
● 2 times less gas is needed for transactions in comparison with the ERC-20

● Backwards compatibility with the ERC-20
● If the smart contact has no functions that provide an interaction with tokens, they will be sent back to the sender.

The difference between ERC-223 tokens and the other famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin is that tokens are linked to the Ethereum net, they use the defined by net addresses format and they are send with help of the Ethereum transactions.

CCM smart-contract guarantees:

● The data about the number of issued and possessed tokens is public.
● All the information about the transactions is public and can be tracked.
Property rights:
● Only Ethereum users and contracts can hold tokens.
● Each token belongs only to one unique user named “holder”.
Tokens joint ownership is inadmissible:
● Token can be transferred to another user only via the direct order of its owner or order of the recipient at the direct permission of the owner. The transfer of tokens can’t be authorized by other users.
Restriction on the tokens issuance:
● Only one user, contract owner, can issue the tokens.
Contract management:
● The contract owner can waive his property rights in favour of any other Ethereum-user or contract.
● The contract owner can suspend or renew the transfer of tokens between token holders at any moment.
Other provisions:
● Return to the default state. Any order related to the contract that causes an error, doesn’t change the tokens or Ether balance of the user.
● The maximum acceptable number of the circulated tokens can be set up and accomplished.

The examples of the cryptocurrencies appreciation:

Bitcoin - is a digital or virtual currency created in 2009 that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments.

Ethereum - is a platform for the creation of the decentralised online Bockchain-based services (decentralised applications) that operate through the smart contacts.

ChainLink - is a Blockchain platform that is aimed to prevent an unauthorized access during the exchange of data while operating with the complex smart contacts. Token LINK is also based on the ERC 223 standards and is very popular.

CCM Token - is an innovative token that helps to automate the whole process between the investors and financial markets with help of robo-advisors. It is created on the base of the improved ERC-223 DeFi standards.

Attention! The price can be quite different and the graph can not be the guarantee of the future price level! But still our calculations and the instant focus of institutional investors on the blockchain and robo-adviser niche gives the good chances for it!

The purchased CCM tokens will become in active and the 2-2.5% of them will be unfrozen at your wallet each week.