Programmatic Display Advertising Market: Key Business Opportunities Along With Potential Challenges 2020 - 2030

Programmatic Display Advertising Market – Introduction

  • Companies are allocating a large portion of their marketing budget for digital marketing platforms. Digital marketing is an effective platform for a company to reach target customers.
  • Programmatic display advertising is set advanced technology that allows advertisers to place online display advertisements for a potential customer while the customer is browsing the internet. In programmatic display advertising, potential customers are targeted on the basis of interest, age group, job roles, and current internet browsing content interests.
  • Increasing social media platforms users also increases the interest of marketers and advertisers in online social media advertisements. Most social media platforms are offering programmatic display advertising business options to advertisers.
  • Programmatic display advertising is majorly adopted by consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile app companies, and the service sector to provide detailed information about products by the user’s browsing records and content interest. Most startups are investing in programmatic display advertising to increase awareness about product features and for an effective market penetration strategy.

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Key Drivers of the Programmatic Display Advertising Market

  • Increasing demand for digital advertisement and growing adoption of smart devices among users is expected to drive the programmatic display advertising market.
  • Increasing demand for advanced digital marketing tools by advertisers and marketers to ensure impactful digital advertisement of products is expected to boost the demand for programmatic display advertising among companies.
  • Companies are giving preference to social media advertising on user’s demographic factors to increase the conversion ratio of potential customers, which is expected to offer significant revenue opportunities to social media platforms through programmatic display advertising.

Lack of skilled professionals in adverting agencies expected to hinder the programmatic display advertising market

  • Lack of skilled professionals in advertising and marketing agencies to adopt new technology tools to design programmatic display advertisements on digital platforms restrains the growth of the programmatic display advertising market
  • The low adoption of smart devices in several countries also limits the growth of digitization in different regions. This, in turn, is expected to hamper the programmatic display advertising market.

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