Latine America Blow Fill Seal (BFS) Technology Market: Growth Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast Analysis 2016 - 2024

For a number of manufacturers, maintain an aseptic method of processing is paramount, particularly pharmaceuticals and food and beverages. Blow fill seal (BFS) technology provides for a contamination-free environment and is adequate for producing as small as 0.1 ml and as large as more than 500 ml liquid filled containers in a rapid manner. The technology of blow-fill seal curtails, if not crosses out, individual intervention, which makes a strong method for the preparation of sterile products. According to a recent business intelligence study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the Latin America BFS technology market will be worth US$337.8 million by the end of 2024, with the demand projected to increment at a notable CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2024.

Latin America BFS Technology MarketMajor Players Investing to Increasing Production

Sticking to the geographical territory of Latin America, the analyst of the TMR report has detected a highly competitive vendor landscape, which is marked by investments by the major players to improve their production processes and hence cater to greater demands. The report has identified Brevetti Angela S.R.L, Unither Pharmaceuticals, Unipharma, LLC, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG as some of the key companies currently ahead of the curve in the Latin America blow fill seal technology market. The dominant companies are focused on enhancing their production methods to reduce the compilation of non-viable particulate matters.

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Material-wise, the TMR report segments the market for blow fill seal technology into polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), polyethylene (PE), and others such as ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). Product-wise, the market for BFS in the region of Latin America has been bifurcated into 10-50 ml, 1-10 ml, vials, 10-100 ml, ampoules, above 500 m, 100-500 ml, 2-100 ml, bottles, and others. End users studied under this report as cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers, food and beverage industry players, pharmaceutical producers, and others. Country-wise, Brazil has been foreseen to remain the key for the players, promising to provide considerably greater demand than other lucrative countries including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.