Air Cargo Security Equipment Market Insight: Trending Attributes Creating Positive Impact On The Industry Shares 2017 - 2025

In a hyper-competitive global air cargo security equipment market, keen companies are seen developing new products keeping in mind the complicated security issues of air cargo. One of the key areas of focus of players is the development of technologically advanced equipment that brings down chances of human errors. C.E.I.A. S.P.A., EAS Envimet Group, ADANI, ENSCO, Inc., American Science and Engineering, Inc., L3 Security & Detection Systems, Rapiscan Systems, Gilardoni S.P.A., Smiths Detection Inc., and Nuctech Company Limited are some of the key players operating in the global air cargo security equipment market.

The global market for air cargo security equipment will likely attain a value of US$28,786.5 mn by 2025-end by rising at a healthy 6.2% CAGR between 2017 and 2025, finds a recent report by Transparency Market Research.

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Security Concerns Helps Market

With mounting security concerns, the global air cargo security equipment market is predicted to see good growth in the next couple of years. Elaborates the main analyst of the TMR report, “In the wake of rising terrorist attacks, security checks for air cargo needs to be upgraded. Physical checks are clearly not the solution and airport authorities are hard-pressed to tackle the potential security lapses. As a result they are increasingly opting for the more effective x-rays and human-heartbeat detection systems.”

Another factor majorly fuelling the sales of air cargo security equipment is the building of new cargo hubs and airports. Besides, development and commercialization of better versions of air cargo equipment is benefitting the market too. With governments across nations pouring money into upgrading the current security systems, such newer products are seeing healthy demand and benefitting the market as a result.

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