Pitot Tube Anemometers Market: A Competitive Landscape And Professional Industry Survey 2019 - 2027

Pitot Tube Anemometers: Introduction

  • A pitot tube anemometer is a flow measurement device that is designed to measure and display air pressure, air velocity, volumetric flow, and air temperature
  • Pitot tube anemometers involve use of the microprocessor technology for signal processing, which ensures quick and accurate measuring results
  • Pitot tube anemometers are available in two types i.e. portable and fixed
  • When not in use, a pitot tube anemometer should be placed in dry conditions and be protected from dust and direct sunlight. Also, batteries should be removed from the device.
  • Pitot tube anemometers are used in multiple applications such as boilers, dryers, aircraft, race cars, HVAC systems, and ventilation ducts
  • Pitot tube anemometers are employed in several end-use sectors such as energy & utility, steel, aviation, and petrochemical

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Rise in Demand for Pitot Tube Anemometers for Use in Aircraft

  • Pitot tube anemometers are largely used in aircraft to measure the air speed, which is useful to avoid accidents
  • Manufacturers provide pitot tube anemometers with a large backlit LC display, which helps in reading the measurement result in unfavorable lighting conditions
  • Moreover, use of pitot tube anemometers is increasing in pressure measurement applications, owing to their reliability and availability at a low cost. These anemometers are suited for use in a variety of environmental conditions, including a wide range of pressures and temperatures.
  • A pitot tube is robust and it is made of stainless steel to sustain mechanical stress. This makes the pitot tube anemometer a reliable device for technicians and experts.
  • As a result of these advantages, the demand for pitot tube anemometers for use in aircraft is increasing, which is expected to drive the global pitot tube anemometers market during the forecast period

Automotive Segment to Witness Lucrative Opportunities

  • The automotive industry has emerged as an attractive sector for investments for organizations across the globe. In the automobile industry, pitot tube anemometers are increasingly used in racing cars to compare the speed of the air flow at various locations of the car with the real speed of the car.
  • Moreover, use of pitot tube anemometers provides accurate measurement of the car speed relative to the air, due to which these devices are significantly used in racing cars
  • Thus, increase in the use of pitot tube anemometers in racing cars is expected to offer lucrative opportunities to the global pitot tube anemometers market during the forecast period

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North America to Lead Global Pitot Tube Anemometers Market

  • In terms of region, the global pitot tube anemometers market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa
  • North America is anticipated to dominate the global pitot tube anemometers market throughout the forecast period, as a large number of manufacturers of pitot tube anemometers operate in North America and they are constantly investing in electronic components
  • The pitot tube anemometers market in Europe and Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a substantial rate during the forecast period. On the other hand, the market in Middle East & Africa and South America is estimated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period.