Military Exoskel Market Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing and Industry Growth Analysis

Exoskeleton or a powered armor is a wearable machine powered through electric motors and hydraulics. The use of exoskeleton gives a soldier increased endurance and strength. The global market for military exoskeleton is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period.

There are certain factors driving the demand for military exoskeleton market globally. The use of exoskeleton helps the soldiers to run faster in battlefield thereby giving advantage over enemies. Furthermore these suits also help the soldiers in enabling them to lift heavy loads up to 200 pounds and heavy weapons for a longer time frame. Lifting of heavy weights is not possible for the soldiers in general as it can lead to serious injury to legs and back muscles. Furthermore, the suits are designed in such a way that it allows the soldiers to crawl and deep squat and ensure that their upper body is free for lifting weapons or equipments.

The evolvement of dynamic warfare is resulting into the defense forces across the globe developing exoskeletons and armed suites. Furthermore, the integration of combat and communication systems in these suits makes it preferable for the armed forces during warfare. Moreover, some of the exoskeletons are bullet proof in nature and hence provide additional protection to the soldiers. Hence these factors are expected to drive the demand for the military exoskeletons over the forecast period.

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However, there are certain factors limiting the demand for the exoskeletons during the forecast period. The integration of combat and communication systems increases the weight of the exoskeleton suits thus making it difficult for the soldiers to travel faster. Furthermore, the costs of the exoskeletons are very high hence it is not feasible for all the defense troops to acquire the suits for their forces. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are focusing on reducing the weights of the suits while integrating the communication capabilities. In addition, research and development is being conducted to develop suits that are capable of providing protection to the soldiers from nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. These factors are expected to drive the demand for military exoskeleton in future.

The global military exoskeleton market can be segmented by types and region. By types, the market can be segregated into full body exoskeletons and partial body exoskeletons. The partial body exoskeletons are expected to have strong demand owing to their increased productivity by majority of the manufacturers. Furthermore, the partial exoskeleton suits are more flexible in nature and are more preferred by the armed forces. However, the ongoing technological innovations in defense for exoskeletons are expected drive the demand for full body exoskeletons in future.