Composite Pallet Market: Growth Opportunities, Trends, Industry Analysis, And Forecast To 2019 - 2027

Composite Pallet Market – Introduction

Pallet is a form of tertiary wrapping, a flat structure used as a base for unitization of goods in the value chain. Moreover, composite pallet is a rigid, portable, horizontal platform that is used as a base for stacking, assembling, storing, transporting, and handling goods as a unit load and is often equipped with superstructure. Additionally, the superstructure is an assembly, which is connected to the secondary base of the pallet.

Composite Pallet Market – Competitive Landscape

Pfeifer Group

Founded in 1948, Pfeifer Group is headquartered in Fabrikstrasse, Switzerland, Europe. The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of wood, and provides plywood, formwork girders, lumber, swan timber, pallet blocks, solid wood panels, and wood briquettes. In 2016, the company acquired Holzindustrie Chanovice s.r.o., a timber industry from its parent company, the Haas Group. The company has its production sites in Europe in Imst, Kundl, Unterbernbach, Uelzen, Lauterbach, Schlitz, Trhanov, and Chanovice.

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Bastian Solutions, Inc.

Incorporated in 1952, Bastian Solutions, Inc. is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the U.S. The company designs, produce, and sells material handling equipment as well as information systems connected with proven operational strategies. The company offers conveyors, lift, load, and work positioners, carts, dollies, trucks, and moving equipment, bins, totes, and pallets, workstations & workbenches, safety equipment & ergonomic matting, casters, storage, shelving, and racking, etc.

Moreover, the company provides various technologies, such as order fulfillment, sortation, picking technologies, WMS & WCS, automated guided vehicles, and mobile robotics. The company provides it products and services to various industries, including industrial distribution, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, retail & apparel, and third party logistics. The company has presence in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.


Based in Hong Kong, China, LOSCAM has over 77 years of experience in designing and manufacturing returnable package handling solutions and equipment. The company offers pallets, cages, collars & lids, crates, bins, IBC, and transporting, distributing, and retailing products.