Military Radar Market To Reach A Valuation Of ~Us$ 10 Bn By 2027

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot. UAV are more popularly known as drones. The UAVs are also being used for surveillance purpose which is boosting the demand for surveillance drones across the globe.

The UAV surveillance systems have several advantages that are driving the market for growth. These drones are capable of carrying various types of equipments such as heat sensors, live feed video cameras and infrared cameras among others. These equipments are essential for surveillance. Moreover, the drones used by defense agencies can stay up in the air for long durations ranging from few hours to days at times.

Furthermore, the drones are equipped with long range cameras which can scan cities or can zoom in on a particular item. In addition, the drones can also carry fake cell phone mobile towers and wifi crackers to determine the suspect’s position or intercept his or her texts or phone calls. In some cases, it has been notified by manufacturers that the surveillance drones also carry less lethal weapons such as tasers and rubber bullets. Moreover, the changing government regulation is resulting into the increase in application of drones for surveillance activities. These factors are aiding to the demand for UAV surveillance systems globally.

However there are certain factors which are hindering the demand of UAV surveillance systems market. The use of surveillance drones has raised privacy concerns for civilians. Moreover, some of these drones are also equipped with less lethal weapons, which can cause collateral damage if it is not handled properly. Furthermore, some of the drones are computer operated. In case of software malfunction or a computer break down, the drone could crash causing damage to property or civilians. These factors can affect the demand for these drones during the forecast period.

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In future, the demand for the UAV surveillance systems is expected to increase significantly as the price of the components are expected to decrease gradually which is expected to increase the demand during the forecast period.

The global UAV surveillance systems market can be segmented by types, end use and geography. In terms of types, the market can be bifurcated into fixed winged, multi-rotor and hybrid UAVs primarily. The multi-rotor aircraft has many advantages such as the capability to fly vertically and move into any directions which makes is preferable for surveillance activities. Hence the segment is expected to dominate the global UAV surveillance systems market. Fixed winged aircraft are also expected to grow significantly owing to the increasing application of these drones in defense sector.