Ferroelectric FET Market Growth: New Research Report Analysis, And Forecast 2027

Global Ferroelectric FET Market: Introduction

A ferroelectric field-effect transistor (FET) is a type of field-effect transistor that consists of ferroelectric material. The transistor is used for non-volatile memory applications. It is available in a compact cell design. A ferroelectric FET is used as a capacitor that contains a thin ferroelectric film between two conductive electrodes. A ferroelectric FET is similar to a metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET).

Ferroelectric FETs are used for switching and amplifying electronic signals in electronic devices. Moreover, they are applied in digital circuits to store digital bits. Ferroelectric FETs have unique, hysteretic, V-I graph characteristics, which allow the electronic device to operate as a non-volatile storage device and a switch. Ferroelectric FETs are employed in various applications. They are applied as switches in analog circuits, while they are employed to control low inter-modulation distortions in mixer circuits.

Global Ferroelectric FET Market: Competition Landscape

Ferroelectric Memory Company

Ferroelectric Memory Company is headquartered in Dresden, Germany. The company is a manufacturer of memory-integrated circuits. The company has derived its memory technology from the standard complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology. The company provides non-volatile memory solutions for use in microcontrollers. The company plans to further improve its solutions and expand its workforce.

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Global Ferroelectric FET Market: Dynamics

Increasing Use of Ferroelectric FETs in Electronic Applications

Growing adoption of ferroelectric FETs in electronic applications is one of the major driving factors for the global ferroelectric FET market. Ferroelectric FETs are employed in non-volatile memory applications. Non-volatile memory is a type of computer memory, wherein information can be retrieved even after shutdown of the device. It consumes a very low amount of power. On the other hand, a volatile memory device requires constant power supply to retain the data.

Ferroelectric FETs are widely used in electronic applications such as mobile phones and computers, owing to their low power consumption. Thus, increase in the adoption of mobile phones and computers is anticipated to fuel the demand for ferroelectric field-effect transistors during the forecast period. Moreover, in analog circuits, ferroelectric FETs act as analog switches. This is due to when Gate-Source terminal voltage of field-effect transistor is zero, negative channel of the field-effect transistor will operate in saturation region and it will operate as a short circuit. As a result of increasing use of ferroelectric field-effect transistors in electronic applications is expected to boost the global ferroelectric FET market in the next few years.