Head Mounted Display Market: Foreseen To Prosper High Growth Industry Innovations Forecasting By 2019 - 2027

A HMD (Head Mounted Display) is a head worn display device that includes a small display optic in front of either one (monocular head mounted displays) or each eye (binocular head mounted displays). The display optic projects virtual environment in front of wearer’s eye. In general, HMDs can be categorized into two basic categories namely ‘see-through’ HMDs and ‘look-at’ HMDs. The ‘look-at’ HMDs allow wearers to see only the CGI (Computer Generated Image) projected by the HMDs. On the contrary, ‘see-through’ HMDs allow superimposing of a CGI (Computer Generated Image) upon a real world view. The growing popularity for light-weight wearable computing devices has lead to the resurgence of head mounted displays in recent years.

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Regulated demand from defense services, declining prices of microdisplays and increased penetration in consumer market are collectively fueling the market growth. However, lack of awareness and standard design specifications, especially in the emerging economies is expected to hamper the swift growth of HMDs in the beginning of forecast period. Use of HMDs for automotive prototyping in terms of virtually designing a vehicle or a car and evaluating the position of different parts provides a sound opportunity for the growth of HMD market.

North America accounted for the largest market revenue share in 2019, which can be attributed to growing preference for portable and wearable computing devices, especially in end-use verticals including defense, healthcare, and safety services. The Asia Pacific HMD market is expected to be the fastest growing market in the coming years. Surging demand from consumer market, defense services, and medical practices is expected to drive demand in the region.

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Head Mounted Display Market: Market Taxonomy

The report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on product type, end-use, applications, components, and in-depth cross-sectional scrutiny across different geography segments of the head mounted display market. On the basis of end-use, the transportation management systems market is segmented into: defense services (military, air force, navy), consumer market (video gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality), and others (automation, medical practices, sports, safety services, police force, commercial aviation).

Head Mounted Display Market: Competition Dynamics

Major industry participants include BAE Systems Plc, Elbit Systems Ltd., Vuzix Corporation, eMagin Corporation, Sony Corporation, Kopin Corporation, Rockwell Collins, and Seiko Epson Corporation, among others.