Two-wheeler Brake Pads Market: Top Impacting Factors To Growth Of The Industry By 2019 - 2027

Two-wheeler Brake Pads: Introduction

  • Brake pads are an integral component in two-wheelers that have disc brakes. Brake pads are highly susceptible to wear and tear due to friction; consequently, the demand for durable brakes pads is rising
  • Manufacturing of brake pads require a material that possess high co-efficient of friction. Significant expansion of the two-wheeler brake pads market is attributed to an increase in the demand for effective braking at high speeds.

Key Drivers of Global Two-wheeler Brake Pads Market

  • Rising demand for two-wheelers in several countries across Asia Pacific and Africa including India, China, those in ASEAN, Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa, is likely to drive the demand for two-wheeler brake pads significantly
  • Several key players manufacturing two-wheeler and two-wheeler components, such as braking system and tires, are increasing investments in developing countries of Middle East and Africa
  • Demand for safety solutions in two-wheelers has been rising consistently the last few years. Demand for safety is for both, rider and pedestrians. The braking system regulates the speed of the vehicle in emergency situations and prevents accidents. The sudden appearance of an obstacle in front of the two-wheeler reduces the distance and reaction time available for the rider to apply the brakes. An efficient and effective braking system is useful in such a situation.

Organic Material Segment to Offer Significant Opportunities

  • Metal is a widely preferred material for brake pads; however, this trend is changing due to significant braking effect, which cannot be achieved by metal brake pads
  • Organic brake pads are highly flexible and provide more comfort, i.e., they possess smooth working during the brake application. Therefore, organic pads are widely incorporated in latest vehicles. However, the organic brake pads is expanding at a moderate pace, owing to issues associated with the wear of organic brake pads.

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Regular Replacement of Brake Pads due to Friction to Hamper OEM Segment

  • Components of the braking system, including brake pads, are in constant contact with vehicles’ mechanical components. During heavy braking, brake fade occurs due to the heat generation in the braking surfaces and leading to frequent replacement of components of braking system. This is likely to hamper the OEM segment of the market.

China and India to Hold Significant Share of Global Two-wheeler Brake Pads Market

  • The automotive industry in China is expanding at a significant pace. Demand for two-wheelers for smaller commutation route is significantly high in the country. Availability of large consumer base, high preference as a mode of transportation, and affordability are key factors that are driving the two-wheeler market in the country at a rapid pace. Increase in number of two-wheelers is driving the demand for two-wheeler brake pads, as safety is of prime concern among consumers while purchasing two-wheelers.
  • Currently, India has the highest number of on-road two-wheelers in the world. Hence, the country likely to lead the two-wheeler brake pads market. It is estimated that around 37 million motorcycle or mopeds are currently running on the roads in India. High preference for two-wheelers owing to their low price is likely to boost the demand for two-wheelers in India.