Thyristor Module Market: Strong Application,Emerging Trends And Future Scope By 2019 - 2027

Thyristor Module: Introduction

  • Thyristor is a latch type semiconductor that turns on when a sustained current (holding current) reaches a set level. A thyristor module turns on by applying a pulse current to a gate current.
  • The gate current must be reduced below holding current in order to turn off thyristor modules in a DC circuit, whereas in an AC circuit, the pulse current has to be applied to the gate current whenever it is positive to turn off the thyristor module
  • Thyristor modules play an important role in power conversion applications. Thyristor modules are significantly used in electrical applications such as high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems for long distance power transmission and electric vehicles.
  • Thyristor modules can be categorized as high power, medium power, and low power modules
  • A thyristor module system is used in various applications such as motor drives, power, renewable, and consumer electronics among others

Rise in Demand for Thyristor Modules for Use in Power Industry

  • Thyristor modules are largely used in the power industry to convert electrical energy from one form to another for various electrical applications
  • A thyristor module easily and economically provides wide-range voltage control by employing an optimum combination of on-load tap-changer and saturable reactors. The thyristor rectifier systems ensure smooth stepless control from zero to the rated voltage by thyristor gate control.
  • Thyristor modules play a vital role in power applications, owing to its capability of low statistical failure rate
  • Moreover, manufacturers of thyristor modules are continually engaged in development of technologically advanced thyristor modules for various electrical uses. Thus, increasing focus to develop thyristor modules in the power industry is expected to bolster the growth of the market
  • As a result of these factors, demand for thyristor modules for long-distance power transmission is growing, with increase in investment by various governments across the globe, which is expected to drive the global thyristor module market during the forecast period.

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