Polar Loop: quantification bracelet

Today the Loop activity bracelet, a product of the well-known brand of Polar sports heart rate monitors, passes through our hands. A tool that will record all the activity carried out throughout the day to quantify your objectives with data and that you can also use in your training. Both for those who do not know it or for others who do have it, our goal is to learn more about this bracelet that is becoming so popular among sports users. We start with it.

First impressions

The initial feeling when seeing the bracelet is elegance, a distinctive touch compared to other bracelets more in line with sportswear. Not a single physical button is observed on it , but later it is easy to see that the button it has is tactile and is camouflaged on the strap. It does not have a removable unit, as was the case with the Sony Smart Band , but the bracelet itself connects to the computer through a cable that contains the box. Precisely this cable is connected to the bracelet by magnets , to ensure waterproofness when immersed in water.

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If you are concerned about comfort, this bracelet is perfectly adjustable to your wrist size since following some simple instructions you can cut the size of the strap. To start using the Polar Loop, a synchronization program available on the website called Polar FlowSync must be installed on the PC . Connecting it will turn on your wristband and install the necessary drivers as well as a first synchronization. Once finished, the browser automatically opens in the direction of Polar Flow , where you must register. A small questionnaire about your physical makeup is what we find after registration, and later you can access the user's profile. Here we will find aVery complete summary of each of the data that our bracelet collects , in addition to being the place where to establish the desired objectives (number of calories to burn, number of steps.

Features and technical specifications

  • Battery : autonomy of 5 to 6 days.
  • Charging time : approximately 90 minutes.
  • Bluetooth technology .
  • Water resistance (20 meters)

In the bracelet itself we find the following functions moving through the menu: Time , which will mark the synchronized time when we connect it to the computer; Activity , where it indicates the time that we will need to use to achieve the objective, either by running or being up; Calories , the number of calories burned during the day; and Step as a fairly accurate step quantizer. It must be said that in daylight it is quite difficult to visualize the content of the LED screen by reflection.


The cost of the Polar Loop bracelet is 99.90 euros , to which you can add the HR sensor between 65-75 euros depending on the heart rate model that most closely matches your needs. We will talk about it later, but it will be used to measure your heart rate during workouts. You can get your Polar Loop bracelet on Amazon for 74.17 euros with more than 25 euros discount.