PAYMENT ASIA: Redefining the Benchmarks of Online and Mobile Payment

Based in Hong Kong, Payment Asia was established in the year 1999. It is a leading e- Payment and eCommerce company across Asia, providing the most secure and innovative technology for online and mobile payment solutions to local and global businesses. Over the past decade, the company has reformed its businesses by comprising digital marketing, eCommerce consulting and artificial intelligence to suit clients’ business needs.

The company’s mission has always been providing eCommerce and digital advantages to clients. The vision and roadmap of Payment Asia today will be a key success to clients in their online and offline business eco-system. From generating traffic through online social media and providing a payment gateway, and by client engagement modules, such traffic is converted into sales. Payment Asia then follow-ups using data analytics/big data analytics to create loyalty and re- target audience in order to magnify the client’s business potential.

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Services to Rely On

Payment Asia takes pride in delivering its services to its clients. It provides clients with the solutions they need to receive payments and offers them services which will improve their sales via digital and data-driven marketing. Payment Asia is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals by bringing a steady flow of targeted traffic of individuals whom are converted to leads and eventually to sales. It also offers them the strategies and techniques that will attract quality traffic which will engage a high possibility to convert.

Payment Asia provides omni-channel eCommerce and e-Payment solutions today to help clients handle not only local businesses but also international multi-level transactions. Having been in Hong Kong since early 2000, the company also acts as a bridge to help Asian clients go international while bringing international clients to the region.

The company assures that it listens to clients in order to fulfil their requirements and at the same time it is being very creative and out of the box to achieve growth hand in hand with them. Payment Asia is a unique payment service provider in the market that truly has its own digital and data- driven marketing team to work closely with clients on not just payment processing but also participation in their sales and marketing.

Embracing Digitization

The company recognizes that COVID-19 has changed the way of life of people around the world. Most people are advised to stay home at all times, and as a result, these people are now being more active online. Because of the practicing of social distancing, contactless payments have come up as a new option for consumers. Merchants have been encouraging their clients to use electronic payments because paper money might help the spread of the virus. When people have succeeded in trying new ways, it can be expected that once the pandemic is over, the brand-new business model will significantly reduce the demand for ‘shop fronts’ or ’physical services’. To face this post-COVID-19 world, digital transformation is critical.


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