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Know How the Indigenous Employment Program in Australia Can Change Lives for the Better

When the ‘Close the Gap’ framework was established in 2008, there were high hopes on closing the employment gap between non-indigenous and indigenous Australians. While the employment gap still remains high, an indigenous employment program continues to make an effort in raising awareness and opening up more opportunities for indigenous Australians to secure and keep employment through education. The Australian population is made up of three percent indigenous people (approximately 761,300), and their average rate of unemployment was at 16 percent, which is higher than that of non-indigenous people. Non-indigenous Australians are also found to be 1.4 times likely to be employed compared to the indigenous.

3 Factors That Are Important for Getting Jobs for Veterans in Australia

Education – Veterans possess an array of skills, which they acquire & develop during their service in the Australian Defence Force. These include risk management, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, negotiating, and communication skills. A former ADF member may have the potential to do better in program management for example. However, barriers like stereotyping, presumptions about ex-ADFs having PTSD, and the lack of educational qualifications may prevent them from transitioning effectively to regular employment.


Over 5,500 members of the Australian Defence Forces leave every year. Out of 641,300 Australian veterans, around 30.2 percent are unemployed, and those who have a job typically earn 30 percent lower than their previous salary in the military. About 19 percent of them are underemployed for the skills and knowledge they possess. To minimise the lack of employment opportunities in the country, non-profit organisations work together with educational institutions and other corporations to provide reliable veteran support in Australia. With their collective effort, more veterans are able to improve the quality of their lives as they are assisted in securing and keeping a job.