Fully Automated ESR Analyzers playing an Important Role in Clinical Laboratory Testing with Great Manufature Rate

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer offers a wide variety of analytical instruments for a wide range of clinical applications. Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in determining medications' safety, effectiveness, and duration of therapy. The sediments used in clinical lab testing are known to have a high level of accuracy and a wide level of reproducibility. This ensures that the results provided by these tests are reliable and accurate.

The two main types of ESR Analyzer are the automated analytical method or AAT and the manual non-automated or SVR method. The AAT is often used for more complex diagnostic tests where more than one parameter needs to be measured, and the automated method is used for more routine data collection. Typically the automated device is a mass-balance probe attached to a computer where the ESR probes are attached. The probe is then placed into the part of the body where the desired outcome is to be measured. Another type of ESR Analyzer is the automated sedimentation rate analyzer (ASRA). This type of analyzer can measure blood gases, liquid proteins, electrolytes, and other substances in human blood samples. It can also determine the saturation of the gradient of arterial blood flow in the vein. The sample tubes can be easily removed from the analyzer without consuming the sample and thus, the need for centrifugation of blood samples.

The fully automated ESR analyzers are available in the market today. These instruments provide accurate results within a few seconds and ensure complete blood cell analysis. The full automation of the ESR analyzers is achieved by measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood samples and determining the density of the red blood cells using the tensile properties of the probe. The electrodes are attached to the probes via electrically conductive pads. The sample collection can then be completed within a few seconds at a rapid pace. Recently, a U.S.-based company Streck Inc. with Diesse Dignostica Senese S.p.A. launched CUBE 30 Touch Sed-Rate Analyzer.

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