Personal Protective Equipment Market

The stringent regulations related to occupational health and safety is the key growth driver for the global personal protective equipment market. The increasing consumer awareness about personal safety at workplace is another important factor for the growth of this market. The companies around the world are focusing on employee safety, due to up surge in workplace fatalities. The hand protection equipment dominates the product segment of the global personal protective equipment market; however protective clothing is expected to become the largest product segment by 2020. Based on industry type, manufacturing industry dominated the market in 2014.

The personal protective equipment includes products related to the protection of eye, face, head, foot and legs, and hand and arms. The hazards of different types caused by falling of objects, colliding with sharp edges, interaction with chemicals, flying sparks and several others are caused at workplaces. Several codes of regulations (CFR) have been laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which states the employers’ liability to protect their employees from workplace hazards causing injuries. The major CFRs include eye and face protection, head protection, foot protection, electrical protective equipment, and hand protection. The non-compliance of such regulations and codes attract huge penalties to the employers. The prevalent regulations and certifications related to protection at workplace are issued by OSHA, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and CSA Group.

The major industries that require personal protective equipment include construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas, where the chances of fatalities are high. The increasing commercialization is expected to boost the transportation and logistics industry in the coming years, which is consequently laying opportunity for the growth of the global personal protective equipment market. The high raw material price and complex manufacturing process are the key restraints for the growth of the market.

The U.S. is the major market for personal protective equipment globally. The major markets in Europe include Germany, the U.K., France, and Russia. The key markets in Asia-Pacific include China, India, and Japan. The increasing industrialization in Asia-Pacific, owing to high population growth is expected to significantly boost the growth of the market for personal protective equipment in the region. The emerging countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil are expected to provide growth opportunity for the global personal protective equipment market.

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The global personal protective equipment market is fragmented with presence of large number of regional players. The major competitors in the global personal protective equipment market include 3M Company, Honeywell, Alpha Pro Tech Limited, Ansell Ltd., Avon Rubber PLC, JAL Group Italia SRL, COFRA SRL, Uvex Safety Group, Rock Fall Limited.