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Latest Trends of Content Marketing

We're almost into the fourth quarter and it's time to take stock of what's working and what's not working for us this year before we start building our plans and setting budgets.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

You'd think only one human could create complex, high-level projects and campaigns. But what if a computer could generate a useful content strategy? We may not be too far removed from the reality of automated content achieved through machine learning. Automated systems and tools like generation analysis and predictive analysis allow AI a good part of the creation process and in some cases allow easy content automation. Associated Press is already using AI to curate new content.

Best 7 Ways for Preparing B2B Presentation

Whether you are facing a team or an individual, presenting a proposal preparation is key to winning the business. The success of B2B sales reflects your approach. Starting a situation wrongly has no return. When you are confident of creating the best powerpoint presentation and setting your sales strategy, you are making a good impression.

Video Marketing Strategy

Types of video to consider

Why Your Marketing Plan Needs to Include Video Marketing

Video marketing has taken the world by storm. Content, be it an online video or a blog post, is the main driving force behind marketing. If you can get your audience's attention for more than one look with video ads, you have more opportunities to connect. Video ads, which typically last between 20 and 30 seconds, are an opportunity to make a bigger impact. Take a look below to find out what video marketing will be like in 2018 and how you can improve your video marketing strategy.

Steps to Create B2B Video Marketing Campaigns - Chapter 2

3. Publish the video

Understanding your audience when publishing your video can actually have a positive impact on your digital marketing strategy. People tend to get involved and connect easily if your video follows the location demographics and the time it was published. Personalized videos should get more views and ratings than other randomly suggested video clips.

Steps to Create B2B Video Marketing Campaigns - Chapter 1

The evolution of marketing has gone through many stages.

Get Influential People on Board

HopperHQ validation and public data analysis report that Selena Gomez earns about $ 550,000 for a sponsored Instagram post.

Content Personalization to Maximize Conversion

According to an article in the Marketing Insider Group, almost half of consumers aren't even involved with brands that don't offer content tailored to their interests and needs. The key to brand awareness is to tailor and customize content to the right people at the right time through the right channels. Consider finding a way to convey the concept of your company's thought leadership while providing relevant content based on consumer data, search, and purchase history instead of quality content.

In an interview with Think with Google, Kelly Olmsted, Adidas Vice President of North American Brand Activation, said: , What inspires them? More than ever, data drives the stories we tell, the timing we tell, and the empathy of consumers. "

Content marketing best practices

When thinking about content marketing, three adjectives come to mind. Attractive, highly effective, and perfectly suited to facilitate the creation and delivery of online content. In fact, this is the next big marketing revolution. Successful content marketing can bring a wave of fresh and sellable content ideas.